Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Things We Take For Granted

Baru-baru ni, terjadi satu insiden dalam lembaran hidupku yang membuat aku terdiam sejenak sebelum berupaya melafazkan kata-kata syukur. (perghh, skema tak ayat ini? =P)

I was thinking, how different my life would have been if one of the many things that have been in my life, was not there to begin with?

So, bear with me y'all.

I was driving to my bro's home in Balakong, and fuel is running low so being the skema (adik-adik, skema ni perkataan bahasa Malaysia, jadinya jangan guna perkataan ini dalam karangan bahasa Inggeris ya) person I am, I made a stop at the Shell gas station next to the Nouvelle Hotel, the one located alongside the PLUS highway. All done, I started my engine. Hmmm, just some cranking sounds. Let's try again. Okay, one more time. "Repeat steps 3 more times." Aaaaand, no more sound made when I turned they key.

Couldn't be the battery la. I just changed it last Raya 2013, which in case you don't remember when was it, it was in August. Nope, not battery. So, what now? I did ask help from such a very helpful Shell staff (no, this is not sarcasm, I truly mean it!) who helped me jump my car battery but still couldn't start the car. I really have limited knowledge when it comes to car breakdown than my other fellow men do that I could only think of one thing. Abah.

And sure it was such a relief to have called him. Though at the end of that unsuspecting night, I had to leave my car there and thanks to my homey Faizal who went all the way from Seri Jati to where I was to help me jump the car battery one more time (which of course failed to resolve the issue) and drove me to my bro's place. My brother was asleep di, I didn't want to kacau him lah...though my mom did wake him up. Hahaha sorry bro.

The next morning, my dad called me and told me to use my car insurance towing service, since it is free. My dad had been asking his mechanic friend whom we fondly call Ah Tiew, who happened to have a friend in Balakong, that runs his own spare part business, Wong. So, this Wong called me and asked me to bring my car to his friend's workshop, just next to my bro's place in Taman Impian Ehsan. It was all good. The towing guy Nazren was a really friendly and helpful lad. Shared with me few things not to do when it comes to towing your car. Hahaha. And so was Wong. He didn't take the money I offered as a token of appreciation. "Tolong saje," he said.

Turned out, it was some wiring problem and not the starter which my dad and others suspected.

At the end of the day, I got to go to my HQ in Bangsar, did my deed, and drove back to JB and completed my task. Everyone was happy.

Konvo kat Sunway. Belajor jauh-jauh. 

I just couldn't help but think what would I do, if I didn't have this person I call Abah around in my life? My life would have been a bit different than it is now. I would have known some people at the area to help me out. Stayed at friend's house for the night. Worked different jobs. Maybe.

The point is, I am just glad that I have a father and a mother growing up. I never knew how much I took these two blessings for granted all these years. I don't really say with words how I feel about them sometimes because other than ego, I just feel that words can't do all these feelings I have justice. Maybe it's my fault also lah for not reading so many books to enrich my vocabulary or participate in theatre so that I am able to express my feelings better.

Or for not even trying with words.

My only option is to do it with actions.


plain83 said...

yep, i feel the same bro... btw selamat hari bapa buat semua bapa yang ohsem (sahaja) di seluruh dunia~ ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

ini bukan entry hari bapa tapi boleh lah.

yang tak ohsem pon selamat hari bapa. heheeh...

hakim sanji said...

apa yang "the don't" bila perlukan towing kereta?

aku pernah sekali car breakdown...nasib baik la abg ipar call jiran, jiran call mekanik..dan mekanik tu helpful. huhu!

Danial Jaafar said...

okay dah kalau ada backup macam tu.

brader nazren tu ada cakap, kalau dah kereta tersadai kat bengkel dan kita nak gi bengkel lain tapi tak nak bayar towing hahahampeh! so masa call insurance jangan cakap ambik kat bengkel. katala ambik kat kedai sebelah tu ke. kawasan tu ke. nanti kau kawtim sama brader tow truck. menurut brader ni, kalau dia, dia tak kisah.

sharing daripada beliau.


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