Monday, June 9, 2014

Random #1 in June 2014

I was at the hospital waiting. Nothing unusual with that. It comes with the job. Heh. Anyway, yeah, I was waiting with the other patients. The people I see there don't usually have happy faces on so it makes me like a fool to be smiling at them most of the time. I thought I was being polite and friendly but in hindsight I think it could come off downright rude and offensive.

Imagine you just had both of your legs amputated. Still young, many things to discover and learn in this world and puff! no more legs. Just as you were trying to come to term with your loss, suddenly this schmuck looking at you and gave you a smile. Not just any smile but one that says "Hey, it's such a great day huh, to be out in the sun, under the blue sky and just enjoy the day." I am not saying it is wrong to smile with such meaning behind it but I can just imagine the mental exhaustion having to cope with a new situation. 

"I just lost both legs and you asking me to enjoy the day? Screw you, and screw everyone. Screw today, screw the sun! I don't feel like being happy!"

I can just imagine one of the many people I smiled to had this thought as I smiled to them for the past few days.

Then, I saw a couple and their newborn baby. I saw a caring husband, showering his wife and child with such love, compassion that it made me want to share my heart and my love. I saw the glow on the wife's face, brimming with happiness, perhaps having been showered and pampered with love by her husband, and the fact that they both have this little cute human being as a proof of their love, and commitment. Not only to ensure the survival of their bloodlines (biologically speaking) but also to pass down those feelings they have at that moment, and from the moment they knew they were gonna live their lives together - to the next generation. And to the one after that. And it will not stop, God willing.

At that moment, I asked myself. "How are you doing today, Danial?"


plain83 said...

Yeah, would be damn awkward for me as well... aku pernah eksiden dulu masa student, muka parah patah gusi, bibir terkoyak... was pretty bloody, ambulans hantar masuk hospital atas stretcher, skali ada mamat staff kat situ tegur aku "tak balik kg ke?", pastu ada member dia balas "ish ko ni, dia mcm tu ko boleh tanya balik kg ke tak?"... aku blurry jer, ignore dorang, rasa mcm nak pitam... hahah

Danial Jaafar said...

awkward, sikit. aku lebih kepada rasa "damn ko ni tak sensitif ke wei. kalau tak boleh nak ber-empati cuba la buat muka tak tahu"

dan akhirnya aku jadi numb =P

Headmaster said...

part last tu solid. bermain dalam monolog

Danial Jaafar said...

ah, you are too generous, kind sir Adib.


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