Friday, May 16, 2014

Rawak Bukan Lawak

My morning usually starts with a sudden urge to go to the toilet and sometimes accompanied by the aching muscles thanks to the workout session from the day before. The pattern is normally like this. Many times I would be wondering while I am doing my business that if I were a VIP I would be an easy target because my routine is pretty much the same.

But the imaginary Danial, perhaps had seen that coming. He would have anticipated the assassin lurking in the room next to the bathroom waiting for the opportunity to jump on him. Or maybe the stealth assassin had the imaginary Danial's drinking bottle spiked with arsenic, or mercury. Still being groggy after waking up the imaginary Danial might not be 100% aware of the physical change of the water content in the bottle. Or perhaps while making the wudu' the assassin sneaked from behind and strangled imaginary Danial to death. Afterwards, the assassin placed the imaginary Danial on the floor trying to make it look like he fell to his death after banging into the toilet bowl.

Okay, that might have gone too far.

Where was I...? Oh yeah.

Bummer. I totally lost it. I guess I continue this post another day once I get my brilliant blogging idea back! Have a great weekend guys!


plain83 said...

yes, random indeed (- w -)...

Danial Jaafar said...

sou desu neeeeeee =P


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