Monday, May 19, 2014

Attempt 1 - Failed

Tried to attempt something like this earlier today. Fail at heartbeat. Reverted to my normal style - flat. LOL


I was at the karaoke with the usual company when I go karaoke. Yeaaah, so I couldn't pull it off like The One, big deal. I just enjoyed myself and didn't give a hoot about it =P

Anyway, as I get older and wiser (hopefully) I feel and think that there are not really that many songs I can sing. I don't listen to or any mainstream radio station to know the latest music trend so I end up singing almost the same songs every time. It's like I have my own 'karaoke playlist' which perhaps could be a close relative to my "Thumbed Ups" playlist on my phone, because I sing mostly songs in that playlist.

If only most karaoke places got  karaoke for oldies man. I really wanna sing Air Supply, Alphaville, Bryan Adams, Lionel Ritchie, Billy Joel's "Honesty" and some other 70s, 80s, 90s songs. Mmm, I guess listening to got me hooked to these oldies, huh?

You can really feel you're getting younger when you sing along!

In all fairness, there are some good songs from our time LOL like that Ed Sheeran guy, if not for I wouldn't know about that "A-Team". The Script is alright as well, James Blunt, Hoobastank and Linkin Park. hahaha, not to forget Blue and Westlife. 

I love the MV.

I really hope one day I can go to a karaoke place that have all the oldies. And some korean ballads you know. Not K-Pop, you ignorant K-pop haters. Them haters always think that you like some Korean stuff so you must like and listen to K-Pop. Nope I don't. Too upbeat for me and I'm too old for that stuff. My kind of song is the slow, mellow but still full of life and energy but not too much like those technos, house, k-pop. Though I gotta admit, those K-pop kids sure can sing better than most AF graduates. Look at the K-Pop Stars show, Korea really got lots of potential talented singers man. Plus, most of them are teenagers! Seems like today's generation can figure out the things they wanna do with their lives faster than me and most of the people I know, anyway. Hmm, so I guess I can really say that and maybe I should erase all thiss..

Anyway, I really need some sleep now even though I don't feel sleepy at all. Tomorrow is a new day, y'all!

Bonne nuit mes amis. A demain!



plain83 said...

damn dat high pitch... hate high pitches, i'll have to use my falseto voice for high pitches... hahaa gila lama dah aku tak pi karok, the last time was around 3 years ago with frenz... danny jom pi karok this weekend? (lol macammm la aku dok dekat tempat ko... nampak sgt ajak2 ayam) XP

Danial Jaafar said...

waaa..hebat anda. saya tak tahula falseto ke apa ni. hehehe =P

ok aa tu, boleh simpan suara. nanti boleh join itu kpop stars! hahahah
jom aa karok, kat jb. =P


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