Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Till Debt Do Us Part

"Honey, are we gonna get married or not?"
"Yes, we will get married-"
"Well, just a matter of time. That is if your feeling is still unwavering and the same when the time comes."
"Why can't we just get married this year? Huh?"
"That'd be lovely. And nice. I guess. But it's not possible."
"Why not??"

"Well, for starter my own parents won't let me get married if I am going for the cheapest wedding package at the Sunway Resort, you know. I am not really a fan of such fancy, big wedding reception just to impress my parents' long lost relatives and friends. I just want a wedding for, maybe 200, 300 people the most. If possible I want the numbers to be smaller than that. I believe when it comes to wedding reception, the less the merrier!"

"(crap, here we go again!)
", you don't want our wedding to be grand, beautiful and admired by many?"
"(sigh) I want it to be beautiful and memorable. But to be admired? I don't think our lives together as man and wife is valued that way, like the more people are impressed and admiring our wedding, the happier we will be as a married couple. Sure, we will feel elated, jubilant on the day till few days, or few weeks afterwards. Friends will talk about it. But most people who are not close to us won't even remember it anymore months after that. Close friends, perhaps. Close relatives, family member, perhaps, too."
"Come on. We've been over this million times. Every time we watch one of your chick flicks you will always bring this up! Sick of this shit okay! (stormed out of the house)"

Till debt do us part will be a much better ending than this one I guess. What kind of guy leaves the girl alone when the movie still has not finished yet? I'd rather have them got loans from the banks, loan sharks and relatives so that they can have their wedding that year. Make it grand. Invite as many people as possible. Oh, the girl's father is a businessman with lots of connection, pretty sure he will invite his politician friends as well. Better.

Honeymoon? Let's hope the prize money they collect from their guests can cover all the expenses to Europe. Don't just go to Paris. Go to Spain, U.K, Italy. Last stop, Paris, the city of romance. or love. or whatever it is called.

After all that, bask in the glory of such grand event for few weeks, hoping that it will keep the both of them "till death do us part" together.

ps: I think I am being too harsh here. hahaha. but this is mostly true, and applies to most couples. Not only in Malaysia apparently. You guys should try to look up for Why Weddings Have Become Meaningless Displays of pretense for Gen-Y and Dream $110k wedding ends in debt. Or can hit Buasir Otak for posts on weddings. Well, specifically Malay weddings because Malay weddings cost more, and sometimes even more than the Chinese and Indian weddings. Just go there and read about it. Really, eye opener wa cakap sama lu~
Sumber Adlan Khalidi

Then again, few smart and wise couples will not do the mentioned above, they will keep saving up, more money saved up, convince the family even, and get married, just the way they want it. Maybe spend their money in moderation for the wedding. Or maybe just splurge a bit more.

Both of them will then be living together, through thick and thin. =) And they  should be thankful that they have each other.


*forever alone reading blogging hanging out working out!*


plain83 said...

seriously, some meleis and their illogical logic... "takut orang mengata" plus "nak ambil hati sanak saudara" punya pasal sanggup berhutang sampai beratus ribu utk benda2 yg tak perlu langsung (grand wedding), pastu lebih bangang lg bila lepas tu bercerai berai (double bangang kalo punca penceraian itu adalah sbb mslh duit yg berakar-umbinya dari hutang wedding tuh)... seriously just look at the divorce statistics among meleis... oh dear god why?? ("*A*)~

Danial Jaafar said...

well, adolah sobab nyo.
it is entirely up to individuals really. outsiders tengok diam-diam je lah. fufufufufufufu


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