Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Man + Wild

Pardon my negativity if you think it sounds too negative. I wasn't really complaining more like reminding myself and y'all out there. I mean I kinda notice lately that some of us are missing the bigger picture here. Just when we thought the picture we are looking at is big enough, turns out it is not. So, gotta take on with new perspective y'all.

I mean, like this brother I found on instagram. His picture on instagram that I first saw - him hunting with a Cheetah. I was like, that's pretty cool. Went to see his insta and there I saw more pics of the cheetah, and him hunting in the savannah. That got me thinking, hmm, what exactly is he doing? Pretty sure the middle east does not look anything like that. And if he is indeed in Africa, hunting, does he have a permit or license to do so? Is he bold and crazy enough to hunt knowing that he might get into trouble for sharing all these on instagram if he got no permission/not allowed to hunt?

All these questions in my head, were answered by this sentence on his instagram page

Do not judge me, go read my bio at this link--->;

So I did. I learned the truth about it all. He is actually from middle east and spends most of his time in Africa helping the poor who cannot hunt because apparently to hunt in Africa one needs a license. That license is costly and I think we can imagine how is life in Africa. By Africa I do not mean the urban area. I am referring to those tribal villages. So, because of the expensive license hunting the locals there cannot hunt animals for meat.

Peace be upon you.My name is Saud some of you already know me and some are just getting to know me. I had a problem with my old Instagram account so I had to open a new one. I previously had 104k followers on the old account. Some of you may be wondering why it says “Saud Hunter” on my bio. Its because Im a hunter and I love hunting I still don’t post any of my hunting picture/videos but I will post them in the near future.I do love hunting but a lot of you don’t know the purpose. Its because Humanist, Africa is a poor country and people are suffering from food and water. They are planting wheat and corn so they can eat. Especially during the dry season.As for hunting wild animals, Africa has restricted rules about hunting and you cannot hunt unless you have a certified license. Otherwise you can be punished and can go to jail. To get hunting license in Africa its really expensive and as you know that the people there are very poor and cannot afford to pay it. I do have a license and I respect all the rules such as when i can hunt and what i can hunt depends on the season. We have only few seasons we can hunt.The overall rules of hunting there, are such as the rules of hunting in America, Canada, Argentina, Britain and European nations in the world GENERAL to all States then the season for hunting, such as Africa, some of you oppose and against hunting. It is believed hunting claimed extinct, well I want you to know we are not allowed to hunt in the marriage and producing season and wait till the normal rate of the wild animal increase. Then we can start to hunt again.Please do not judge what you see on my profile, Im not here to show off. The attack I got in my old profile It made me decide to share my story and make you understand what I do and why I do it.God created us and created the animals for the benefits of humans. People eat animals and wear their skin. If you’re a vegetarian it doesn’t make us wrong. If you think that animals have souls and we’re killing them, keep in mind that plants have souls too and you’re killing them to feed yourself.For those who think killing wild animals is bad, keep in mind that you go to restaurants to eat meat, chicken and fish. Because you eat meat you never really think about where that piece of meat came from thats on your plate.Don’t think that all the countries are like you. In Africa, families search for food everyday. They will be happy to spread one piece of bread for a whole family to survive. When I hunt a wild animal like a dear, its enough to make one family happy and to survive for months.In Africa people are dying each day from lack of food, water, and good medical care. All the rich countries have their eyes blind when they see Africa they have no business there.I also choose carefully when I hunt, Keep that in mind! I don’t hunt females or baby animals. I only hunt big males and only one.Also, they celebrate Christmas, Eid Al Futar and other celebrations so they ask me to go hunt for them.About 2-5 dears to make them happy. Most of the people that are reading this have already bought a cow, sheep or even turkey for celebrations and “Thanksgiving” and they do the same.But the difference is that Africans don’t even have clothes to wear and food to eat. Whenever I go there I bring clothes to them and I hunt for them so they can eat good food.To sum it all up, I am Soud Hunter and my hobby is Hunting wild animals. I hunt under the rules of the country and I have a certified license. I combined both my hobby and my humanity together to hunt and help the poor people. I am writing this to make things clear for those who attack me and see me as a criminal. Hope you understand why I do this.Peace All

To me and this may come out bias LOL but even if he did not have any license or permit I would not condemn him for his action. This is all based on his instagram pics and videos mind you but, he does not hunt and kill the animals for sports. He gave them to the locals. Yeah sure I don't really like seeing that cheetah being domesticated like that but the cat seems happy and it is not like he has tonnes of them in his backyard. Only that one. Anyway, I find his action noble and it really moved me to know that there is still someone who cares about the poor and does something about it. This guy walks the walks.
Kono makan! LOL Credit saudhunter

I did search about the hunting regulations but it is pretty lengthy to read. So, TL;DR =P
If you want to go see his pics and videos, let me warn you first that few pictures are bit graphic for those who cannot really stand the sight of blood. =)

Oh, have you watched this video. This guy is now known as Mr.Snow White. Watch it and you know why. heheheh

Have a good night + day y'all~


plain83 said...

Gotta have meat ;p
One brave and noble fella, go Saud go! ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

Yeaa, meat is gooood. hehehe


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