Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad Habit

I had a bad habit. Well, I guess I still do, so I have a bad habit. This is my confession. Not just one. This time I want to confess to only one bad habit though.

I do not finish the book I read. Yep.
I love reading, really. Though when I was in primary school I read mostly comics and the only books I read were the young detectives series and text books, revision books. Now that I think about it, this bad habit must have started back then. Back when I was into comics and the detective series. All the excitements built up throughout the entire reading suddenly had, must come to an end.

Is this guy blogging here, really talking about books? LOL

For few years I was not into reading books other than text books LOL but last year I started picking up the reading habit. The books I read are mostly sales and marketing related, self helps and some psychological, historical ones. It has been really fun really. I remember this one the most "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. That book is just amazing. Then, it hit me-that feeling of emptiness, lost after reading the books. "What now?" Now? Now, I have around 15 books that are just waiting to be read and done. But no, I could not bear the thought of it. I kinda regretted reading the first page. Like why must the authors make the first page so interesting and catchy? Hahaha

Usually it is after few chapters and I will go "Huh, not even an hour and I have read this much? Gotta stop," and never to open those books again...

This beautiful beach will be gone. One day.

It is like, a bummer. Having to know that one day, everything will end. Perish. Over. Nothing lasts. Knowing that nothing lasts does not mean one is prepared to face the end, the bummer. I wonder if the quote "life is a journey, not a destination" came to be.

I present to you, Jason Silva's "Existential Bummer"

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plain83 said...

yeah, everything will end, therefore, just enjoy the moment, good and bad, make the best of our lives, before it all ends ^^


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