Sunday, December 22, 2013


I was with friends. Companions. Searching for something. We were in hotel, or some kind of old, ruined yet still usable building filled with many people. Who were going around doing their business.
I think I saw you. After few scenes forgotten, I saw you leaving. Then from the top of the building, where there was supposed to be a roof but there wasn't probably because it was destroyed in the war (clearly the place looked and felt like a waste land), so there I was making an announcement, "I would like to make an announcement..." I do not recall the exact announcement I made, looking at everyone including you at the bottom of the building, but you were blushing, and covered your face with your palms as if you were embarrassed yet pleased of what was taking place.

Apparently I proposed to you, in such wasteland, on top of a partially destroyed-yet-operational hotel, in front of all these people whom kinda resemble the characters from How I Met Your Mother, Thor and 47 Ronin, wearing my shining slick maroon baju Melayu and songkok that made my head looked ridiculously alien-ish.

I saw you rushing in, to the top, to reach me. When you got in, things changed because there was another surprise apparently. Pleasant surprise. I presented to you, with one knee on the floor, the ring. I do not remember the details of the ring but for sure there was quite a big stone. Suddenly it all made sense, how I was acting like a loser in front of you with no life, no future when all the while I was thriving with so much success. Somehow you were swept off your feet when you learnt of the truth. There I was, looking up at you waiting for your answer and you, sobbingly nodding your head, "Yes, yes, yes!" I took that as a "Yes" to my proposal earlier.

We were happy. So were my friends, or companions, or strangers around us. It was a very lively night. Just like the ending of a movie. And we spent the night watching "The Last Samurai"..and I clearly remember asking myself, "Huh, that is weird. I already downloaded Thor: The Dark World the night before..oh well" before I woke up to this realm.

Now..who are you, my fiance? Are you Robin Scherbatsky? Or someone else?


plain83 said...

a vivid dream you had last night? ;3

lol that sitcom, used to watch it ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

well, not last night. i fell asleep pagi ahad tu watching Thor 2 and woke up at 2pm LOL
that explains the influence of Thor 2 and 47 Ronin sebab the night before tengok 47 ronin. tapi HIMYM punya influence tu, masih belum dapat dijelaskan lagi...hmmm

ada orang cakap mimpi yang vivid, yang real ni sebab REM? nak kena baca lagi pasal mimpi. hahaha

plain83 said...

oh ya REM sleep = deep sleep... pernah tengok kat youtube ada scientific documentary psl vivid dream nih, there's another name for it... ah free2 look it up on youtube, interesting stuff ;3

Danial Jaafar said...

lucid dreaming? hahahaha =P pernah cuba that stuff, but half way nak tidur bangun sebab dengar bunyi2 yang pelik + menakutkan.


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