Monday, December 23, 2013


Yesterday afternoon I went to this supermarket to buy my late lunch. Grabbed myself 2 pieces of chicken ribs and my favourite Nestle's fat-free mixed berries yogurt. I made my way out. Nothing unusual. Kids playing under the escalator as if the management has set up a new playground for the kids at the mall. I was pacing behind this family of three-father mother and daughter. We were so close to the exit/entrance. And she just had to fart me up. You read that right. She farted, as she was walking. Nothing is wrong with that. Heck, had she got sued by someone for farting while walking I would get her the best lawyer in the world to defend her right to do that.
No, not this Auntie Lucy.

The thing is, she farted, in front of me, still in the premise, with such echoing noise, not once, not twice, but thrice. She and her daughter turned their heads a lil bit to the back, trying to see if someone was there I reckon and as I was just 1,2 meters away, it was pretty obvious that someone else heard that. To spare them (or perhaps myself) from the embarrassment I made a detour at the stall selling hijabs, baju kurung and kebaya and during that short period of time I managed to have a look at the price and said to myself "quite pricey".

5 seconds after that I made my way out and straight to my car. I thank God that the fart was one of the empty can fart one. Only got noise but no smell.

At least the auntie did not look at me, and apologise after farting me up. That, would have been awkward.


JaJa'Z said...

Kuikuikui.. Klau dpt yg bau tengik .. Lg la bengang.. Hahaha

Danial Jaafar said...

hahaha tu la kak ja. saya bersyukur. =P

plain83 said...

LoL empty can... nasib anda baik, kalau kes itu terjadi dlm bas, mmg seksa gila... huh

Danial Jaafar said...

hahahaha...kalau dalam bas, tengah duduk at least the cushion akan absorb kentut tu. WAKAKAKAKA!!!

plain83 said...

hahahah! XD

oh nu nuu... the sound and the smell are only partially absorbed by the cushion, the air-conditioning in da bus makes it worse, plus tak boley bukak tingkap pulak tu oh nuu... tp kalo sekadar empty can, baru la nasib baik ("-___-)


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