Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We Appreciate It When It Is Gone

What is it, that we appreciate only when it is gone? Could be anything you know. Anything we have taken for granted. Well, the story I'm about to tell next does not mean I am taking the "thing"-that-I-am-gonna-tell you-guys-afterwards, for granted. Just that, when stuff like this happens, it happens. Do you really think you have the power, control over the past? Nope.

So, hear me out y'all. Or should I say, read me out. LOL

Anyway it was a fine Monday afternoon. Just finished doing my work somewhere at the Bandar Tun Hussein Onn (does the Hussein ada huruf 'i'? and decided to stop by doing some chicken shopping at the Carrefour there. To my surprise, the Carrefour was no longer there, because there is AEON Big taking over that place. Haven't been there God knows how long.

Anyway anyway, parked the car quite far off from the entrance (that's how I like to burn some extra calories on my junkfoods-stuffed-for-a-year body) and grabbed my wallet and my Samsung Tab 2 (which from this point on will be referred to as The Tab) before locking the car, headed to the entrance of the now AEON Big Tun Hussein Onn.

I wasn't planning to buy too many stuffs. "Indomee, some vegies I don't know maybe eggplants, bokchoy or pakchoy and something for dinner. Burger maybe. Okay, some of my shopping and fitness tips. If I am not gonna buy a lot of stuffs, I don't take the basket with me. So, I will just carry them with my hands. But, the thing is, I already have The Tab and still went on not taking the basket because I thought it's not gonna be that troublesome... and I think y'all know how the story goes now...hahaha =P

So, went to cereal's aisle, just checking out the prices and my favourite brand - Post, and went straight to get the Indomee. Only that this is the "Original Flavour Indomee" (and seriously I think they all taste the same no matter what flavour. Something's wrong with my tastebuds) and it was the noodles' turn to get checked out by me. Was tempting seeing the Jjajangmyung but the RM15.90 price tag on it kinda made my appetite go away.

Then, straight to the vegie section, saw the eggplants, looking good and all that, so I grabbed a plastic bag. Now, this is a crucial point because all these plastic bags provided to bag the vegies or fruits require a customer to use both hands to get one bag, and not 2 or 3 bags. So, at this point I still remember I had The Tab with me because I was struggling to use both hands and refused to put The Tab down.

You know the drill, after you get the vegies, you gotta weigh them to get the price tag stamped on. I went to the weighing station, and the staff walked to a customer, leaving me at the station because there was another customer wanted to confirm the price with him, I don't know. It looked like a serious discussion between the two of them so I didn't dare to call out for the staff for fear of being thrown by that customer with a coconut in her hands. Anyway a good 30 seconds or so might have passed when the staff came back and did his thing on my vegies.

Right after that I just had a brief look at the meat section, fishes, the frozen foods, the bakery before grabbing a chicken burger for my dinner. (Before y'all start to condemn me for having a burger for dinner, let me clarify here that burgers sold in supermarket are not rich in calories because there ain't sauces in them burgers. No mayo as well. Just the buns, and the patties. And yes I know each patty might have a whooping 4g of fat, maybe.)

My favourite one is the banana. This is the pecans.

Back in Melbourne it was only $AUD 5 per pack. Well, if you convert it to MYR..

Made my payment at Counter 7, walked to my car, got approached by this teenager wearing kopiah (skullcap) saying "saya datang dari jauh, nak duit beli Al-Quran" and leaving the car park. As I was about to leave, it just hit me. "Where's THE TAB?" "OMG WHERE IS THE TAB?"

Parked my car back at the same spot. Ransacked the whole car, still, THE TAB could NOT BE FOUND. The strange thing is, I managed to calm myself down. I still remember telling myself, "Lek brader, Tuhan dah tentukan semua ni nak terjadi. He knows best" and that very phrase did calm me down. I checked back inside the supermarket, twice, and my car as well, for another round. Nope. I tried to hypnotise myself to remember the things I did but to no avail. After about 20 minutes, I was so sure it must be at the weighing station though I remember not seeing it even after checking out the place twice. Well, my only mistake was I did not ask the staff there but the other guy and the lady at the Counter 7. Then, last resort, I asked the security guard to lodge a report and that was how I met Encik Khairul of security.

He accompanied me back to the car, calling my number to see if it was in the car but no "Nice Dream" by Radiohead playing. I told him I think I might have left it at the weighing station or the vegie section. After writing down my report, he assured me that he will go to the places I mentioned to him and in the report before checking the CCTV.

I could hold my head high and proud for not panicking and not crying, bitching, whining, screaming "Why God? Why?!?!?" I thank God for blessing me with such calmness even when such a thing happened. Really. All praise be to God, the All Knowing.

As I was driving home, suddenly it just occured to me that I could track The Tab using my Samsung account. I don't know about you folks of Nokia, Apple, Experia and BlackBerry etc.., but this is pretty dope being able to track The Tab. That was the first thing I did when I got home. Guess where is The Tab?

In case you are not familiar with Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, AEON Big T.H.O is located there as pointed by the marker.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I gave my bro, Adib's hp number to this Encik Khairul. When Adib got home, the first thing he said was "Tab abang ada kat AEON tu." coolly. Well, he is the kind of guy that gives off the mysterious, cool kinda vibe. Anyway, after Maghrib, me and my 2 housemates (Adib went out with his friends) went to get back The Tab.

I'd like to thank Encik Khairul dari bahagian keselamatan AEON Big kerana membantu saya dalam mencari The Tab!

I was gonna take picture but he said you can't take pictures in the security room so, fair enough.

Oh well, that's a long story just right after work. Hope you guys take good care of your belongings and train not to beat yourself up when bad things happen. To us, who are no God, just mere humans who aren't capable of seeing the far future, let alone 1 minute ahead of us, we should start to learn that the tragedy, the loss we experienced is not bad.

Then again, easier said than done.

ps: But really, if you believe in God, do you think humans, created by the Creator have any right to question God whenever bad things happen? Haaaave you ever counted the blessings He gave you? For every breath you take in? Or is it that God is only responsible for the bad things? huh? Think about it before you start asking "Why God?"


plain83 said...

so, moral of the story: grab the basket/shopping cart every time ya shop... :p

one of the reasons why i don't use tabs/notes: they're not very mobile cuz they don't fit in mah pockets XP

Danial Jaafar said...

haha ya betul. usually i do take the basket with me but i didnt know what was i thinking that day. macam berangan, khayal je. hahaha

i love bigger screen =P

plain83 said...

hehe, when i want bigger screen i'll run to my netbook or laptop hehee~ ;>


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