Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanks For The Daily Traffic!

Just got back from work. And saw the traffic for my blog for today. Seems I have to thank these blogs for giving me free traffic almost everyday.

Ignore (not really gonna ignore it) the top one, ohjob. It's because last time when I worked at Ligno Biotech I put up a job ad there, so there you have it, the constant visitor coming in everyday.

The other blogs which have been very helpful and contributing to the constant visitor to my blog. Namee Roslan, Kak Ja (aka Jajazack) and Plain83.

Even though Kak Ja has been quite busy lately with schools and whatnot, I always got some traffic from her blog. FYI, Kak Ja is my cousin. From my mother's side. Hehehe.

Namee Roslan and Plain83 are the bloggers I got to know online. With Namee Roslan, I think it was last year or few years back when I was active that I started following her blog. Anyway, it's definitely a blog targeted at the ladies, most of the time. Oh, and she is Nuffnang's Blogger of the Month for November y'all!

Plain83 and I have something in common - our interest in Japanese stuff, mostly manga, anime though I don't possess any highly refined art skills to doodle. Plus I reckon she is good in Japanese too. She will leave you by the end of every post with "Jyaa, mata ne koneko-tachii!" which if my memory serves me right means "Till then, catss!".



Fatin Baharum said...

eh eh eh , haha.

hi danial :)

plain83 said...

shishishiii~ <--'japanese cheeky laugh' ( =>w<= )

'mention to link' de doumo arigatou ne, nanti aku up entry psl anime review lagi~ ^^

JaJa'Z said...

Bukan bz sgt tp bercinta nak update blog.. Im blaming this iphone.. Hahaha.. Anyway, tq Dan

Danial Jaafar said...

eh eh eh fatin! lasum tak perasan nama blog anda ada di situ jua! hahaha sorry! XP

tu dia plain83 mengeluarkan kata2 Jepun beliau! =)

Kak Ja, cool, tadahal ah. Blog kak ja okay lagi. tak bersawang sangat. hehehe


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