Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mimpi Itu Mainan Tidur

Every now and then I heard people say that. I thought that so before. That dreams are just dreams. As a result of some brain activity whatnot. I could be wrong so you guys can just google it.

I dream a lot. In my sleep. Almost every time I sleep, there will be dreams in it and I almost always manage to remember it. Though I heard some facts passed around in social media that actually you only remember 5% of your dreams after few minutes you wake up. I don't know how true is this but in my case, that 5% seems like a movie. Imagine if I do remember the whole dreams!

Few years back I always experienced something like deja vu though I can't be 100% sure if it really is dejavu. If I really did go to the future in my dreams or I was just misled because it felt familiar back then, the whole event, thing, occassion that took place that made me feel like I already did this, came here, said these words to this person. When that happened, I would usually feel excited, and scream out, "Wooo! Deja vu!" While some of my friends think it was freaky and creepy that I experienced all that, I think otherwise. I have this theory back then, derived from a comic books I read LOL and of course from movies and stuff, that if a matter passes the speed of light, it can bend the time and dimensional continuum which enables that matter to travel to the past or future. So, I have this theory that when you sleep, your consciousness or, soul, travels faster than light, perhaps to the future, hence the dreams. LOL i know it is utter rubbish but I was always curious about things like this.

I miss that back then. The feeling of curiosity, adventure. Thirst for knowledge, to know more, just for the sake of exploring the unknown. I guess, somewhere in my journey, something might have happened that resulted in me being the not-so-adventurous, curious Danial anymore. I read, but after 1 min, "TL;DR" pops up in my head.

I guess I need to take things one at a time. Like my buddy, Adib B said, "Slow-slow, boh."


plain83 said...

I experience this sort of thing too, countless times... ada satu kali dulu masa study bach.deg, a few days before a serious accident, i had a very scary dream, pasal mulut kena jahit (mimpi ala2 ghibli anime skit la tapi, haha)... after that I got into a 'quite serious' accident, gusi patah bibir terkoyak tersagat atas jalan tar, jatuh motor (sib baik pakai helmet kalo tak, dah duk dlm tanah la kot skang)... masuk hospital, bibir n gusi kena jahit, 2 batang gigi atas kena buat root canal treatment... so after that i thought, wah, mimpi itu bukan sekadar mainan tidur, ia boleh jd suatu petunjuk, dan juga boleh jd sekadar mainan tidur ^^

JaJa'Z said...

Akak pun byk kali terjadi mcm tu.. N bila akak rasa mcm menda tu pernah berlaku or akak dah buat or ckp sesuatu.. Akak pun ckp dejavuu.. N mcm Dan gak, akak pun slalu nak tau adakah mimpi tu sesuatu yg akan berlaku in future.. Hopefully the best part la.. Tp tu semua Allah yg mengetahui..

plain83 said...

dude, how's your area? ada kena banjir tak? take care bro ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

Yo yo tomodachi boku no area okay je wakaka!!

plain83 said...

ohohoo sou ka? nara bujide yokatta na!! XD


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