Thursday, October 31, 2013

When We Are Gone

I have experienced the loss of my loved ones. But not an immediate family member (at least not yet). And by losd,I am talking about the passing of someone, deaths. Kematian. Kalau break up tu bukan loss. (Because it is not my loss) maternal grandma whom I fondly called Tok passed away last year and it was heartbreaking, and more frustrating at the time because I could not make it in time to see her one last time before she was buried. Earlier that year in May, I lost my Pak Long who suddenly slipped into a coma for 2 weeks I think..before he passed on.

Perasaan bila dua jasad ni dah tiada, biarpun bukan "immediate family" terasa aneh. Kadang-kadang sedih. Still life goes on.

And this morning, I was shocked to find out, "the friend of my friend" in my friend's tweet, who is actually my friend too, has lost his pregnant wife and their 6 months old baby in was a pregnancy death. I uttered "Innalillahiwainnalillahirojiun" but I am not sure if my heart can fathom that. I cannot even imagine his loss.

This tragic demise has slapped me hard. Again. Like how it slapped me hard, twice, last year. Death is certain. That is the promise Allah has made. This life given by Him is not entirely for our worldly desires ie money, women (or men), luxury cars etc. I am speaking to myself before I speak to others. Because I know and I realise, most of the time I would only be thinking of this materialistic world only. Without realising that I might have turned my back from God.

A good sharing from my friend Adib B last night. In the dark age of the Arabs, the Prophet (peace be upon him) asked the people of Mekah who created this world, the sky? And their reply was Allah. Irony, because they worshipped the idols, statues. And if we were to ask ourselves, who created all this in this world, universe? We would still say Allah, same answer, but our actions say otherwise. The way we behave, say, work doesn't really show that it is all done for the sake of Allah's pleasure. We 'worship' money, women, status, fame. To be liked by many people but never stop to think if He likes it or not.

I do not mean this to be a bring-down-your-mood post. Just a reminder. Another reminder to myself. I think I have lost count the reminders He blesses me everyday...

Al-Fatihah untuk isteri Hanif, Liana dan anak kandungan mereka yang berusia 6 bulan...


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