Saturday, October 26, 2013

Okay, Let's Do It Again

I gotta say, it was a brief yet significant learning experience having had launched another new blog, I know, it is such a lame name to come up with. I thought I had thoroughly planned this new blog to make a comeback but I guess, I fell short. Nevertheless, I learned something. Like I mentioned in my other post, "sometimes you win, sometimes you learn" and this new blog, has taught me a lot.

It is never easy to start over something new. To build something new to replace the old one. And yes, I am still talking about blog and not about relationship. LOL =P With the new blog, it is mainly because I did not do enough blogwalking to promote it and I am feeling a little under the weather lately.
Yeah, my new blog. Hah!

But now, I got some time and I thought I should just make use of this opportunity I have to blog.

I don't think I need to start a new blog. I could just make another comeback, like how I used to do before.

So, welcome back, Danial. Kak Ja, kalau boleh tolong bagi suggestion untuk nama blog ke, apa ke, cantek gak. hehehe..

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