Saturday, October 26, 2013


Apa itu 'men-ca-pub', a term that I suddenly remember from my student years. Mencari publisiti. So, I had this conversation with my long lost high school buddy, Adib. (untuk mengelakkan salah faham antara Adib adik aku dan Adib kawan aku ni, let's call Adib kawan aku ni Adib B, as per my homemate's request)

Adib B and I talked a lot lately. Mostly all the mind opening, mind boggling stuffs. Then this one night, I dunno how we end up talking about a friend who is really active on social media. Still. I mean, we both find it is time to slow down or just stop posting personal stuff like pictures on social media.

"Aku dah lama doh dok post mende2 kat facebook" aku cuba menjelaskan kepada Adib B dengan aku punya half-baked loghat Terengganu.
"Aku pong, stail malah gitu. Tapi ramai lagi member kite hok, guane nok kabo.."
"masih lagi mencapub?" sampuk aku ketika Adib B dalam proses memikir untuk melengkapkan ayatnya.
"Owohh, gitu sekali mu!" Adib B tersentak kerana mungkin perkataan mencapub selalu dikaitkan dengan attention seeking girls atau teenagers.
"Aku dok maksud bende negatif, Dib" aku cuba menyelamatkan diri aku supaya tidak dipandang slack oleh Adib B.

Okay, so my first attempt at writing dialogue scene and I guess it needs a lot of improvements.
After that conversation, I was in a deep thought. So, all the things I have been posting on social media is actually an act of mencapub? Could be. I looked back to the year 2007. Young and green. First time, alone, thousand kilometers (or should I say miles to make this sentence sounds better?) away from home, excited, nervous. I remember not a day without facebook. As if facebook was my personal journal.

"Dear facebook, it was a hot day today. I think I need to hit the swimming pool in the gym"
"Awesome night with the homies" -when actually the three of us just fooling around at the campus, lying on the road because Churchill is such a ghost town at night. Plus, most of the local students usually went back to their hometowns and that explains our most daring act that night.

It took me one year full of challenges, heartaches and lessons to finally realise that, not everyone can appreciate your good, happy life on facebook. Be positive,man! Yeah, that is correct but not everyone has the luxury to be,feel and think positive. Positively. (My bad grammar nazi!)

Maybe I am taking myself too hard. Or maybe I feel bad, embarrassed thinking why did I post the pictures all up? Because eventually, at the end of the day, all that will not get me my ultimate goal. At least that is what I strongly feel is my ultimate goal.

Lately, I have been thinking the things I have contributed to others which got me decided not to post any non-relevant selfies (or selca, a term the Koreans came up with self-camera=selca) food LOL and any good news, unless it is someone's wedding like my brother Insya Allah) on facebook. I don't want to mencapub for my sake. I want to mencapub for other people's sake, for the good cause, and ultimately, to please God.

I am well aware that we cannot run from people, prevent them talking bad about us out of jealousy when something good happens. Or talking just because they heard rumours about us. But I'd rather not do things that cause people to talk because I pity them. If I have a choice to make, I will choose not to cause them to sin without them knowing.

But the truth is in life we have no power at all to choose.


ps: This video shared by brother Ben Ashaari is just timely! Though it got nothing to do with the post, this video adds another point to not being so open on social media. Misteri sikit, beb!


plain83 said...

owh i think the last time i used or heard the word 'mencapap' was like around 3 to 4 years ago... before the word evolved to 'gedix'... ahaks~ XP

btw me no got fb/twitter/insta... used to have friendster though, for a few years (ada la 3 taon kot, zaman study), then terminated it a few months after graduation... never really liked social networking, it gets boring pretty fast lol...

Danial Jaafar said...

i dont like the fact that i sound like i'm showing off on facebook because i have more facebook friends than followers on twitter and instagram.

hahaha =P

plain83 said...

yeah i see what you mean... there's a thin line between 'showing off' and 'sharing' personal news with friends... which depends almost entirely on how our 'friends' perceive our writing, and on how they make wild guesses on what our 'true intention' of posting certain news really is... it gets bothersome sometimes, hence explaining the boring part of social networking ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

hahaha, thanks for the comments =)


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