Monday, October 28, 2013

If Only

Adapun if only ini memang perkataan yang sungguh magis bagiku. If only translated to BM is hanya jika. Which subsequently will remind me of a lesson in math back in high school.

"Jika dan hanya jika..."

It's magical really. Magical in a sense that saying these 2 words is capable to take you away to possible alternative ending of an event. An escape from reality where everything has already taken place.

If only I knew back then.

If only.

nothing to do with this movie. but hey, there's jennifer love hewitt there, so will look for it later. 


plain83 said...

ya... 'kalaulah...' :p

no regrets mate, they ain't worth a dime ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

no, im not having any regrets. hehe =)

plain83 said...

ooh fefeeling dari movie je la ni ye... yare yare ne~ XD


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