Thursday, May 16, 2013

To Do or Not To Do, That Is The Question

When someone says he will do something, if that person means it, it will be done, whatever it is. But if, that person keeps giving excuses, that means he's stuck at the second phase - willingness. He wants it, but not willing to go for it. Most of the time, there are bound to be challenges towards the goal. At this challenging time, one will be tested on how badly he wants it.

I think lately the challenges I'm facing are really testing my patience and perseverance. I seem to waver en route to my goal. Feeling pathetic. My first mistake upon realising this was not to reach out to my dear friends.

I am a big fan of Ustaz Hasrizal's blog and I love his,sort of, motto. "Erti hidup pada memberi" which I always say in English "to live is to give". As much as I love helping people, being there for those who need shoulders to cry on, someone to talk to, I have this mindset of not troubling people when I'm in need of help. I end up not telling the truths most of the time. Not proud of it.

Iklan tengah malam - pelan PruBSN Takaful

Tengah pikir nak buat post pasal ni...hmmm

Being honest with myself, I think that is what I should do. Entirely honest.

Well, I write all this,just to say I'm sorry for not blogging for the past months even though I did say I was gonna blog regularly. Just that my laptop,has some problems with either the mobo or the memory. If it's the mobo, then I gotta need at least RM500? No idea. Been using my dad's old laptop which Alhamdulillah praise be to God is still in good condition. Maybe I will blog about why my dad's old laptop still doing good whereas mine, not.

With all that, I just wanna say my gratitude to Allah who has been blessing me with lots of things, to start with, my faith in Islam, family and good healthy body hahaha, but seriously. =) I hope I will start to take note of more great things in my life.
Apa "Big WHY" anda? More about this soon hopefully.

ps: I think I should do auto post. Make many posts tonight and just set the dates to be published. LOL


plain83 said...

LoL autopost.... great idea ^^
yeah i know how you feel there bro, n i'm sure you're not alone who's going thru all this 'wavering' thing, human minds have a mind of their own, each of them... don't feel pathetic, god has plans for each n everyone of us ^^

say yes to takaful bsn ^^

Danial Jaafar said...

yeahhh! ada supporter untuk prubsn! woot woot! XP


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