Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I think Imma have this blog segment called My Dream. Of course there's nothing wrong with dreaming to be this, own that, go there but only if you do not move towards realising your dream, then it's just a waste of time dreaming. According to Brian Tracy (if I'm right) one way to make the things you dream of to be something achievable, is to write it down/draw it/take photos. Visualise---> Materialise--->Action! Okay, I sound like pakar motivasi gitu but I'm not really (not that people will think so anyway hahaha)

So this time around I wanna share up here in my blog my dream kitchens. Why the's', Danial-san? In sha Allah I'd love to have not just an indoor kitchen, but an outdoor one specially designed for grilling, bbq, roasting and whatnot. Bukan nak berlagak mat salleh even though my name is Danial (I look nothing like one anyway =P) 3 and a half year in Australia really got me immersed in the Aussie culture. I don't know if this is true but Aussies love bbq, grilling, roasting stuffs, based on my observation. Bbq and beer in hand. LOL Yeah, I guess you can say I love to grill and use the oven sometimes to prepare my meals. It's healthier these ways too.

I have this idea, image in my head how my kitchen in the house should look like. Besides the stoves, I want to have an 'island' in the kitchen and by island I don't mean the real, land mass surrounded by water. I mean something like this:-

Why this? It reminds me of the kitchen in South 1, Monash University Gippsland Campus (amboih panjang benarr...) More designs of kitchen islands here!

The outdoor one should be like the picture below! I saw this on fb and I just fell in love with it! 

From facebook

To those akak2 abang2 yang sudah membeli rumah, I think it still is not too late for them to have their dream kitchen LOL. Kitchen to me, is a very essential part in a home. For a family. It is where meals served to the family are prepared with love and care. That's where the mothers, wives usually spend their time thinking what should I cook next? Also some guys la, guys who love to explore this quite alienated world to them called kitchen.


Have a great day Danial. Don't forget this dream of yours! Also to you readers, have a great day!



plain83 said...

nice... like your style ^^

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

doumo arigato! woohoo! welcome to my blog. ade gak member suka jepun di blogosphere ini LOL ;)

plain83 said...

LoL.. ne kimi, doshite kono blog de o-follow button wa inai no? ^^

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ehh, honto ka? hahaha sumimasen! XP

Mei Yii said...

Wah. I want a nice kitchen too!

Kat said...

I enjoyed reading about your dream kitchen! Sometimes I like to cook but the key word is sometimes.But your dream kitchen is lovely and I hope you get it one day.

Danial Jaafar said...

Hi Mei Yii! Thanks for dropping by. didnt get the chance to reply your comment earlier. yeah a nice kitchen can definitely deliver the best meal! XP

Thank you Kat! haha it doesn't matter if we cook sometimes or all the time. what matters is we cook to our loved ones when it matters. ;) have a great day!

fathiah jasni said...

Never knew you would loveee kitchen this much.. haha.. btw nice taste!


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