Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Songs, What About Em?

Pretty sure most of us listen to songs. There are different kind of songs really. It's really amazing and magical when you can relate to the song. As if it was written and sung by you. Have you guys ever felt that way because I sure do.

Actually I kinda feel a bit low today so I feel like listening to slow songs, you know lagu leleh, tangkap cintan, jiwang. That should make me feel better right? WRONG! hahahaa because you don't want to get stuck at the pit of misery, self-pity for so long that it's gonna destroy you. Though that was exactly what I did the past months LOL. The only upbeat songs I listen to are Taeyang's I Need a Girl and Modern Talking's Brother Louie. LOL Layan kan je.

I am really into R&B, hiphop. Hey did I ever tell you guys I was a big fan of Too Phat back in high school that all of my friends knew me a fan of hiphop. So, it's like if it's hiphop, it equals to Danial and Too Phat. younumszayin'? LOL jk man. R&B because of Usher. Man, his dance moves, were the best back then. I guess they still are. Then came Chris Brown. As much as I dislike that guy now for beating a woman, I gotta admit he got the move son! I watched his MV With You and I love it! Too bad my body is pretty stiff. I can't really dance even though I did take part in 2008 Culture Night and danced to Siti Nurhaliza's song. =P Though I have a confession to make. Every morning when I went out for a jog, I would practice my slide and glide at this favourite spot because not many people early in the morning. I usually went out after Subuh prayer. hehehehe....

Freak, freak to the beat? LOL

Usher, not the kind who ushers you to your seat in the cinema.

Slide and glide. And spin. And... okay Im out of here.

Okay, sometimes I did go for jogging when the sun was exactly above me.

But, but buttttttttt (bukan pungkok ya) I love Raihan, Brothers and Diwani! Yeah, you read that right, those are the nasyeed groups back then at school. I remember trying out to be the main singer for my class nasyeed group LOL but my other friend was a better singer. Raihan, Brothers, sure everybody knows them Diwani, maybe not. They didn't make it to the top even though they sing great songs. My favourites from Raihan, I guess would be the Puji-pujian and Peristiwa Subuh, and Allahu. Brothers, would be Teman Sejati, Untukmu Teman and that song about the War of Uhud. Diwani....I can't really remember the songs title but I still remember most of their songs.

Raihan sebelum kehilangan anggota yang dua dari kiri tu. Al-Fatihah.

Masa Yassin masih lagi dengan Brothers.

Time ni Yassin dah lama takde...kot.

Ni lah kumpulan Diwani. Susah nak jumpa so credit goes to Aimi Syahirah. Thanks! There are some of Diwani's songs too! Check it out Danial!

And growing up in a boarding school, in hostel you got to live with people who obviously have different preferences in song genre. There were  metal, rock, hiphop (that would be me), R&B, etnik kreatif LOL, nasyeed, boybands,girlbands, death metals even. So I did listen to songs from albums that have that Parental Guidance sticker on =P I wonder how did we get our hands on those stuffs really. Hmmm, back then it was Coldplay, Pearl Jam?, Linkin Park, Limpbizkit, Korn, P.O.D, S.O.D, BSB, Westlife.I don't know about other schools but when I was in form 1, form 2, the school prefects didn't let us to bring walkman and even radio. But we all did, eventually. Rebellious teenagers. Woot! And then came discman, then MiniDisc player, then MP3 player. Things were moving pretty fast.

Talking about all this makes me feel nostalgic. I wonder what is it gonna be in the future?

Anyway, lately been listening to Mo Sabri. A talented, rising star in hiphop in the States, a brother and by brother I mean he's a Muslim. His latest video "I Believe in Jesus" got him the breakfast with Barack Obama. I checked out his other songs and they are all great! The guy is talented! Laylatl-Qadr, Heaven Is Where Her Heart Is are his other songs that I strongly recommend to you guys.

I guess this is a pretty long rant and it feels great to be able to produce such a lengthy post. Hahaha, but still can't beat Uncle Lee's. Full of stories, pictures that makes you feel like like you were walking down the memory lane with him and he's funny too. Oh, how did I end up talking about Uncle Lee's blog. My bad =P

So, enjoy this Taeyang's I Need A Girl Dance vers. and also Mo Sabri's Heaven Is Where Her Heart Is. ;)

So, I thought I could change the lyric a bit, "My last name is Jaafar, Be patient, one day I will be your cover" :P

I just love the choreography, man. It reminds me of Ne-yo's One In A Million. Though the song is a bit, err raunchy to some I guess.

Have a good day, Danial. Wherever you might be at this moment. And you too.


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