Monday, January 21, 2013


Was helping my mom checking my lil bro's homework. One of the homework was Bahasa Melayu, and there was this question - "Apakah yang akan anda lakukan jika anda berjaya dalam hidup seperti Nizam?" Okay so based on the short paragraph in the textbook, this Nizam character helps the unfortunates as he is now a successful entrepreneur. So, I asked my lil bro. "Nak buat apa Hafiz?" "Tak tahu." I guess question like this should be paraphrased so that my lil bro can answer it. But when it comes to learning, my lil bro isn't that talkative. Anyway,so I asked him if he has any dreams, like what does he want to be and he said "Tak tahu." I was taken aback by his response because as I recalled he said he wanted to be a pilot (that was on his birthday I guess) I don't know if I should be concerned about this. I was gonna compare e lil bro and me when I was his age but I guess that's not gonna help much because I too don't like to be compared. Treat others the way you want to be treated by others.

Okay, get back to my point. So, dreams, goals. All that. I am pretty sure everyone has it. I got lots of 'em. They are big dreams. I wonder if it's because I dream them to be that big that I got scared of my dreams, goals. Ah, I'd love to talk more but I feel kinda sleepy already. Whoever invented or came up with Reverse Push-ups was a fitness freak I tell you. Such torturing but realllly good workout using your body weight only. No dumbbell. Okay tiba2 cakap pasal workout. Makan tak control badan membesar giler takut....

But lots of my goals for last year tak tersampai langsung (tiba2 patah balik to the original plot) So, Danial, are we gonna give up and retreat? "Retreat, hell!!"

I gain weight when I feel so stressed. =P

Have a good day, Danial. You, anyone reading this. =) God bless all of us.

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