Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Get Them Tinted!

Yeah, so kereta aquarium ni akhirnya popular jugak. These two pics I got them from MyEG. I thought I have been good the past months but these speeding tickets I checked on MyEG proved me wrong. *well, looks like I got caught huahuahauha*

Why I call my car kereta aquarium? Tu ha, terang-terang nampak orang dalam tu. It was my mom who gave the car that nickname. Kereta aquarium. =___="

So, finally the car's windows got tinted already. Well, all except the front one. =P I prefer the aquarium look on my car. Hehehe. Whoever invented this piece of film for window tinting is obviously genius and must be rich by now.


shasha said... ur blog link from Uncle Lee's..i'm his fan too..i think my car is aquarium too..this tint film is too expensive..but really can't stand the heat though...i might need to get one someday...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hey shasha, thanks for dropping by. yeah, i love Uncle Lee's blog, who doesnt? hhahahahah

better get your car tinted. hehehe =)


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