Thursday, October 18, 2012


Woke up early this morning. But as usual I always miss the timing for jama'ah. At least nowadays I find myself doing different things from last month. "If you do the same thing every time and expect a different result, that is crazy"-well, something along that line yeah, quoted from...Albert Einstein? Tolong betulkan ye kalau salah~ =P

Well, I am going to hit the gym later before heading off to work, which is nowadays meeting as many people as I can to create the awareness about financial planning. And also Prudential BSN Takaful. LOL I know I've been gettting a lot of "macam mana budak Biotek, Monash boleh end up buat insurans ni?" It's a long story really and I plan to start blogging about the transition, as well as all the things that happened in the past months. Not like I am still living in the past. I pretty much have moved on, tapi kan, a friend of mine in my agency said, something like this-"hidup ni macam memandu kereta, kadang2 kita kena tengok rear mirror nak pastikan kita berada atas jalan yang betul" so, harapan gue, bila aku dah blog pasal yang lepas, the future me can have a good laugh about how stupid I was being over trivial, small things.

Raya Haji minggu depan, I will be home, where the familiar is. LOL I mean Kerteh of course. Can't wait to see my friends. Yaaaa~ tomodachi~~~


Uncle Lee said...

Hello Danial, wow, you going back to Kerteh.....
I love this place. Everytime I travel to Trengganu on business I'd stop in Kerteh for coffee or breakfast.
I remember having a nasi lemak breakfast near the sungei, it was delicious!

You have fun.....have a happy hari raya haji, my friend.
Best wishes.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

Hi Uncle Lee, sorry for the late reply. Been busy lately. Ahh, I see you have been to Kerteh before. I bet it was much nicer, calmer back in the old days. It's still laid back here as compared to KL but things have changed no doubt about that. If you ever plan to come down here, pleaseeee let me know! =D


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