Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Weekend

Last weekend was a packed one. I went down to JB and Singapore, mainly to visit my grandmother and...because of another business in Singapore. So, alang-alang dah ke Singapore, I planned to meet up with the gf.

I left quite late after work because got a bit of unfinished work in the office. Everyone was busy preparing for the 2nd audit of Skim Organik Malaysia that was supposed to be carried out yesterday but has been postponed to another date after raya "atas sebab yang tak dapat dielakkan". heh 

Got on the highway around 6.35pm and had my dinner at Restoran Jejantas Ayer Keroh. For iftar, it was in the car and I had 2 dates. By the time I got to Ayer Keroh, it was 7.45pm. Okay la tu.
Accident at UPM exit.
I reached my aunt's house in JB around 11.25pm gitu. Wasn't that tired, maybe because I thought too much of what was gonna happen the next day.

The next day, I left for Singapore around 9am, but before that I went to my friend's house to get the white card. The white card is actually an entry form that every non Singaporean needs to fill up upon entering the country. Since I was driving, I didn't want to hold up other people behind me as I had to complete the form at the counter. The practice is to have the white card all complete by the time you got to the counter.

Thank God there wasn't too many cars. And I couldn't believe that I remember the direction to the gf's house (well, I did call her to reconfirm =P)

The gf's nieces. Cute but naughty!!

Suka menari to the Jungle Book's song.

Another niece who came for iftar.

Long story cut short, after I was done with my business, me and the gf went straight back to the house. The original plan was to break our fast at Bazaar Geylang (please note that Geylang Serai and Geylang the red light district area are two different places. Geylang Serai is like a Malay town where there are many Malay shops and communities. The other Geylang is the place where..hmm..people do the not so good things) but the gf was having a headache having to wait me in the car under the sun. Poor girl. So, dengan muka tak malu, I joined her family berbuka.. =___="
After solat, the gf was felt much better and we both headed to Bazaar Ramadhan Geylang. I must say I didn't expect it to be that big, and to be packed too! It was madness. I guess you can say this bazaar is in the same league as the Jalan Masjid India.

The gf showing me around the Bazaar Geylang. Very near to Paya Lebar MRT Station. 

Having hard time deciding which shawl she wanted to  buy.

The bazaar is a long stretch of stalls really, I could not help but wonder where these people got the strength to cover the whole bazaar.


Tanjong Katong Complex

Selamat, selamat, selamat.
I had quite a good time enjoying 'Dengdeng'. Such weird name for delicious food. It is grilled beef, and you eat it just like that. Pretty expensive, 100g for 4SGD. But I guess it was worth it. Brought some back for my cousins and they like it. Hmm, to me it tasted like burger patty. =P

The next day, I met up with the gf one last time at Larkin Sentral. She and her family went to JB for some grocery shopping. After that, we said our good bye =/
Following the gf for another shawl hunting =P

Later that afternoon, me and my two cousins headed out. The plan was to go to Plaza Angsana, but my, it was packed!! It was weekend so of course Singaporeans would have come down to do some raya shopping. So we changed our destination to Jusco Tebrau. Finally, we got tired of the traffic we just went to a DVD store. =P Bought Rise of Planet of Apes, The Beaver and Paul. Was worth the RM12 I spent. ;)

We straight away headed to the bazaar ramadhan in Taman Dahlia for fear the nasi briyani would sell out. Thank God we were the first (I guess?). I got myself nasi briyani gam kambing, so did my cousin. And it was her treat! Hahaha thanks Yan!
The said best nasi briyani gam in JB, at Taman Dahlia.

Thanks to Izyan my cousin for buying the nasi briyani for me. Hehehe, malu je, orang belajar belanja orang bekerja =P
Believe it or not, I had never tasted Air Katira before, so the cousins brought me to the best one in town. Tiga bungkus wa beli! And yeah, it was good. Too bad we can only get it in Ramadhan, apparently. =(

So, that's the quickest and briefest update I've ever made about my trip.


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