Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sahur - The Right Time To Feast...I think?

I don't usually eat a lot during iftar, I always have combinations of dates, water, with nestum with milo, biscuits, currypuffs; any of this whichever I feel like eating. To me, since iftar is almost close to sleeping time, it would not be wise to indulge yourself too much. Or maybe it's just me. Because 2 weeks ago when I went back to Kerteh, I had terrible stomachache the next day. I can't even count how many times have I been in the toilet.

So, for me sahur is the best time to feasttt. But once in a while I do eat a lot for iftar. Just last Saturday I went for bukak puasa gathering with my high school buddies. It was the biggest turn out so far, almost 30 of us. Out of 120. hahaha, a grand reunion shall be in plan...

Penceria majlis.

My roommate in my last year at SESMA - the head student, Hisham KP as we fondly call him hahaha. Got back from Japan some 5 months ago.

So, for today's sahur I made Udang Masak Kunyit, stir-fried cabbage, and scrambled eggs. Nothing special but preparing a dish like UMK was quite an achievement to me. Hohohoho...
Udang Masak Kunyit. Thank you Mak for the prawns!

Stir fried cabbage, no salt, only oyster sauce.

Scrambled eggs topping my meal.

Now, I'm wondering, people have bukak puasa gathering and all that, but why I haven't heard of sahur gathering? Wouldn't it be better, since you can eat a lot? =P


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