Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gambarku Diphotoshop!!!

So, after being urged and talked to by my mom to buy food from the bazaar in Putrajaya so that I don't have to cook this month, I made the first step, the first to many more go to the bazaar Ramadhan near my place. Just right next to the Sungai Besi Expressway. Of course there are only 10-20 stalls or so. But it is good enough for someone like me who doesn't really like spending time outside, choosing and deciding what to buy. I'm indecisive alright.

So, I headed straight to the bazaar after I got my passport photos taken. And I think I'm used to seeing all the rubbish, litter on the road like the one in this picture now...

So, to get to my place, if you're on Sg.Besi Expressway heading to UPM or Putrajaya from KL and you spot this Minlon building, make a  left turn. =P
 Before I bought some keria, bandung cincau and ayam percik for tomorrow's sahur, I went to get my passport photos taken. To get my passport renewed some time this year. Anyway, I was kinda pleased to see me so fair skin in the pictures.
Wah, cerah gitu seperti menggunakan Fair `n Lovely!
Tapi setelah dibelek gambar softcopy dalam CD, cait! Tipah tertipu!! Warna kulitku sama aja!! >____<

Muka orang Siam.
Hahaha, not complaining, I am pretty much content with the colour of my skin. But before I always thought that I look better with this complexion. Now, I think I need to start using Fair `n Lovely! 


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