Monday, August 8, 2011

Family Friends Food - 3Fs


Imagine hearing that at 1 in the morning, in a kampung kind of place, where there is no night activity; lepak kat mamak ke (there's no mamak to begin with! only McD's), play futsal, late night movie. Yeah, that pretty much sums up my 3 days at home. Joy. Maybe I am feeling like this because I am getting older and I won't be having more of this kind of moment with my family; my siblings especially. Tup tap tup tap, one of us getting married first =P all of us have grown up. The brothers getting taller and better looking (ye ke?) and the only princess at home getting prettier obviously but with uncertain future still. 

Anyway, my mom got me this thing, that made me convinced that Doraemon is out there, helping us mankind...


I have yet to try it but my family really love this pemanggang ajaib. Apparently the pemanggang not only can be used to grill, but also to fry, and steam. I wanna cook but I still feel rather lazy, houselag (houselag =  when you go back to your home sweet home and drown yourself in the tsunami of foods)

Oh, and this year Mr. Ahmad Said, Terengganu MB has been very generous to give out not only a box of dates, but also this pack of Air Zam Zam. Terima kasih kepada yang memberi.

Have been wondering if it would be okay not to put the picture there?

The dates. Still not opened yet.
Last year, we only got dates, but this time around rezeki murah. Alhamdulillah. 

I guess I have to take my leave now and go to bed because I am getting hungry.....after dropping by at my basketballer friend's blog, Mr. and Mrs. FoodPacker

Big Ass....prawn? lobster? I know it's not a shrimp though, hehehe.
U____U lapaaaaarrrr



Fatin Baharum said...

bukan ke last year ad bg air zam2 jugak ke, tp botol kecik. kot ? haha.

tp kurma taon ni byk. siap ad 2 pack kecik lagi termasuk kurma ajwa, hermm`

cahayasuci said...

hahha...pmanggang ikan ajaib???? my mom do have that one..hari2 nk bkar ikan...ape yg ajibnye??? speechless...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

fatin, ade ke tahun lepas botol air zam2? tak perasan pulak i, you! ahaks!

ajaibnya sebab bukan hanya untuk memanggang tapi boleh jugak kalau nak buat steam, goreng. macam2 la pendek kata


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