Friday, July 22, 2011

Why Must It Be This Wordless?

I think Imma start using my tumblr more. By the way, I just did something so lame two days ago, Wednesday. I'm pretty sure those who blog are pretty familiar with the "Wordless Wednesday" thing where you post up a picture in your blog entry, no words. Hence, the Wordless Wednesday. Though two days ago, after visiting an old friend's Wordless Wednesday, I thought why not bring it to a whole new level.

(read this as if you're an English, so try to imagine sounding like one)

So, I did. It was really easy. Check it out here. Or you can just scroll down to read it, see it, mm that is if there is anything to see.

This way of presenting, creating your Wordless Wednesday has many good things to offer us bloggers. For starter, you won't be having any headache cracking your head just to get the inspiration for your Wordless Wednesday.

"Which picture should I choose?"
"Is this a tad too much? Maybe I shouldn't put this up.."
"Arrghhh I just can't decide!"

This new way of blogging your Wordless Wednesday will surely ease the burden on your shoulder or should I say, head.

Secondly, it saves your precious time and energy. Go to your Blogger Dashboard, click New Post and Publish. As easy as ABC, 123. You might be scoffing at the point I have just mentioned just now. But believe me when I say many bloggers are people who are still studying, be it at school still, or college, university. And a large proportion of bloggers are also working adults. Who are struggling to make ends meet, and been doing a lot of odd jobs, moonlighting and such. For sure this group of bloggers will appreciate a high number of unique visitors streaming into their sites. So, give this brand new Wordless Wednesday a try shall we?
( =P )

And I guess my last point of the night because I seem to be running out of time right now, would be that, the saying "what stays on internet, stays on internet" does not really apply to this new way of blogging Wordless Wednesday. There is nothing there for God's sake! What could possibly stay there is the time you posted up that entry of yours. Worry not people grabbing your cute little sister's photos or good looking brothers or even your mom. There are many sick people out there.


(chillax this is rubbish and is not meant to be taken seriously should anyone feel offended then im sorry and please dont come again i got no ill intention you know)

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