Sunday, July 10, 2011

Start Of Many Good Things Hopefully feels so good and refreshing to take cold shower after a hard day giving helping hands during the gotong royong just now. This weekend has been a productive one, thank God. At least I'm making an effort to be better than the previous weekend.
Anyway yesterday I helped out at Ligno Biotech's product launch at two pharmacies in Kajang, one in the town at this pharmacy called DF Pharmacy and another one in Bukit Mewah. I was placed at DF Pharmacy with another 2 intern students. 

The stand.

Dr.Tan and Ms.Ng posting up the poster. 100% Money Back Guarantee if your cough and asthma still as bad as before after trying Tiger Milk Mushroom's capsule for 7 days. Seriously.

I found this funny.

A small table for us to talk to potential customers who were interested about tiger milk mushrooms.
So, we managed to get 5 customers by lunch time. Not bad considering three of us never did any selling job. Now I know how does it feel to do one. That reminds me of what this one brother at the gotong royong said

"Orang ni pandai cakap je, buat sekali baru tau"
Or in other words, can also mean like this, bila kena baru tau.

The wild type tiger milk mushroom. Cendawan susu harimau yang orang jumpe kat hutan di Cameron Highland.

So this is the powder we get after milling the freeze-dried mushrooms. Just put the powder in the capsule. That's all. =)

Not selling this one yet. Wanna see how the feedback from customers on the blister pack (previous picture)

So, I took my leave around 2.15pm. Got some other stuffs to do. I thank God I didn't get trapped in the traffic jam. I guess those who were going to the Bersih 2.0 would have already been there in KL.

A lot of things in my mind. Serabut jugak. =P



yuyueyuliana said...

tiger milk mushroom. sound like kalo minum blh jd ganazzz. hehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha takde la macam tu. cuma dah terbukti yang ia boleh membantu nak sembuhkan batuk, lelah dan alahan kepada debu ke. Insya Allah. =)

namanya asal datang dari cerita orang asli, ibu harimau menyusukan anaknya, dan susu yang tumpah atas tanah tu, dari tempat tu akan tumbuh cendawan susu harimau. gitu la~

Tupai Karan said...

lord tajam? haha catchy btoi nama tu

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

lord tajam lagi dahsyat dari lord voldemort =P


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