Thursday, July 7, 2011

So I Heard

Something big is coming this weekend. This Saturday. Yeah, seriously.

The soft launch of Ligno Biotech 's product at two pharmacies in Kajang!

So these two stands will be displayed outside the two pharmacies. Can't wait for Saturday!! 
So, this Saturday me and 2 of my colleagues, along with the L.I students will be at these two pharmacies - one in the town on Kajang, another somewhere in Bukit Mewah which I have no idea where it is. Will probably update about it more soon in case there are individuals interested with our products. =)

Last Sunday was a day of reunion. I met up with my long lost buddy Husseng, I mean Hussen hehehe. I went to watch the Non Chinese Basketball League games that Sunday morning. My friends Hussen and Raf play for the same team - Quakes while the captain of my high school basketball team Muaz plays for United Baller Shah Alam (? or something along that line) UBSA. Anyway Quakes won with 60 points margin! GIlak!

Indoor courts at Batu 11, Cheras. Very near my place and Jusco Cheras Selatan. 

Later on that night, I met up with my high school friends-Engku, Ain and Haini at Tupai-Tupai in Kajang. Wow! I didn't know there is another Tupai-Tupai other than the place me and my family went few months ago. But that place was pretty empty. And too bad I already had dinner so I didn't join them, but just had a seriously intense catching up sessions. LOL it was great to see them. We did plan to go somewhere for another eat out this Saturday...but I don't think that is possible...Oh, I heard Digi users will be experiencing problem. Because...

Credit to Raf lawaks aaa!!

Amidst all this chaos we Malaysians are going through, let's have faith that tomorrow is going to be a good day still. Then again, as the Marines always say "The only easy day was yesterday"...YIKES!


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