Monday, July 25, 2011

Smells Like

Durian and not teen spirit huahuahauh! I guess this is what we Malays always say "Rezeki Masing-masing". I had been craving for durians for quite some time but every time I had to stop myself from buying because I don't want the car to smell like durian (extra care sama kereta hohohoho)

So it was a pleasant surprise when I first smelled something like durian when I was doing some work in the office. Then Ms. Ng asked me to eat the durians which were given by a supplier (you can say that) for our Tiger Milk Mushroom capsules. Quite a lot of the durians packed in lunch boxes and God, they look lovely, delicious. Tergugat iman orang berpuasa. As I couldn't possibly eat, tapau was the only answer =P

Apparently the supplier own a hill of durian trees in Semenyih. Pak Ngah aku pon ada (nak eksyen) 
I thought of having the durian with pulut >____<  but I didn't know glutinous rice can be so expensive. 2kg for RM10.50??? So I had to scrape that off and settled down with Serawa Durian? but I call it Kuah Durian je. It was all going well but I was on the phone with my mom and because call from a fixed line to another fixed line is free we always end up talking for more than 30 minutes and by the time I remembered that I had a pot of durian sweet cream the supposedly cream had become something like....oatmeal?? The taste was still there - sweet, but it was so thick I got a bit frustrated eating it (tapi better than nothing and for that Alhamdulillah for the sweet durian)

So, I guess next time just talk on the phone in the kitchen when you're cooking. =P



JaJa'Z said...

pak ngah kita pun ada jugak laaaa..hehhehe

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

bukankah pak ngah kita orang nya sama? =P

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Danial, how you doin'? I too love durians. We get ours frozen, from Thailand.
What I do, bila ada good TV movie, I unfreeze them 1 hour, then while still half frozen, makan like ice cream. Sedap best, man!

Only thing the empty packet has to be triple wrapped tight sebelum throw in garbage chute or else the Mat Salleh building manage think ada tikus commit suicide in garbage dumper, ha ha,

I have not eaten durian pulut long time....bagus ke?
Ohya, one old trick....go beli a piece of charcoal, or get from wherever, put in your car trunk, or in car under the seat. Good for when buying durians.

Charcoal absorbs smells, fast too. If fridge pun boleh, get smaller piece put in a corner dalam fridge....kalau ada udang or ikan fishy smells.

Not sure about girl's perfumes, ha ha ha.
Have a nice day.....
Psssst, ada new SYTs kawan? Ada spare you know where to pass, ha ha.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha Hi uncle lee! thank you very much for dropping by. i think it's an asian thing that we all love durians! yeah last time when i was in australia i too bought the the fruits frozen, obviously from Thailand. and i remember doing the same thing as u do to avoid any complaint LOL
i am confident that durian pulut is the best! and thanks for the old trick!! will definitely try it XD im excited now thinkig that i might be able to bring back some durians from penang later! XD
hahaha girl's perfumes no need to hide uncle lee, they are soothing and pleasant. haha and uncle lee, my only SYT is my gf ;) but i do have lots of SYTs. too bad most of them are taken lol.

uncle lee, u take care, get as much action as u can get too! =D


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