Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quoting A Blogger Friend =)

Me: Do you take note of the small things that make you happy?

Her: I don't, I take pictures of them =D

One of the many things I love the most is the blue sky and thin white clouds up there. I guess growing up in a pretty much kampung (rural) area has got me so used to seeing the blue sky that when I first went to Shah Alam for my pre-U study I got a bit...lost? Thank God in Gippsland the sky was clear too, and I love the night, stargazing. The first time I did that was with my buddies Derek and Semun outside their house. We were like, just staring up to the night sky, looking at the stars, many stars. "I never saw something like this before" said Derek. I guess if you spend most of your life in a concrete jungle it must be hard to notice how pretty the stars are at night.

And I'm glad in this place I'm staying right now, I can still see the clear blue sky.
I love the blue sky, with few white clouds decorating it


ps: Anyone wanna go watch The Hangover 2 with me tomorrow night at Sunway Pyramid? I got two tickets from nuffnang hohohoho


a's said...

i love blue skies too! dkt overseas awan lbh biru and cantik than m'sia :P

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

not necessarily true. sometimes the sky in melbourne city not that nice. i think it's the sky in this kampung area; my hometown, Gippsland, great ocean road, that is pretty, blue and nice.


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