Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jalan Jalan Pergi Makan

That's how I would sum my day today. Though I didn't have one decent meal, just some finger foods, snacks, and light meal? (do you consider mee goreng light? LOL)

Morning went to watch the NCBL match between my friends' team Quakes and some other team. As usual, after the match and all the post match discussion, we all went to the mamak's. There, I had mee goreng mamak satu. And after that, I went to 1U. My first time driving there, all this while always went there with my family and my friends, which was 3 years ago with Yihorng, Reshme and Greenie.

Wasting my time only looking for the direction to 1U on the net. My GPS got it and even if I don't have one, I can still just follow the signboard.

This is the most cool, yet matured guy I've ever come across =)

I think Reshme will kill me if she sees this picture =P she is way prettttiieerr now! =D

This is my Cacat! LOL jks Hope you and Matt are doing good!

This was me back in January 2009. Hensem tak? WAHAHAHAHA! *perasang*

I went to 1U to look for Tamiya Underground yeah! It took me almost 30 minutes looking for the store and had I asked the makcik security earlier I would have saved a lot of time. And Tamiya Underground has the track for the mini 4WD cars but they don't sell it anymore. Bummer. So I left. And I should have really asked any friend of mine to tag along because then I could have at least done a bit of shopping. I don't like shopping alone, might as well do it online. =P

And I was feeling a little bit hungry, so I bought roti boy. Not 1 but 2. And the cashier guy was like whining to his friend, "kenapa semua orang beli 2 je?" and the girl replied "Eh you ni dah orang beli cakap banyak" as she noticed I heard what the guy said lol. I just smiled. And as I was on my way to the carpark, I spotted Old Chang Kee! It is from Singapore and I heard there are only few of the stalls in JB so it was a pleasant surprise to find one in KL. Maybe I just didn't know about this. So, there I was buying another balls on stick, I mean tofu balls on stick.

I wanted to stay longer but I just didn't wanna get trapped in the traffic jam because I don't really know the traffic there in Damansara. Anyway, my next destination - The Mines. Nothing much, I thought of doing some window shopping to compare between the prices in retail stores and online stores. Need to be cheapskate maah! And then beli lagi, kali ni, McFlurry Oreo. Melantak puas-puas, banyak-banyak pasal esok nak puasa dah! =P

And that was all I had...oppss nope, I just had rice with ayam masak merah and bokchoy (sungguh tak matching) just now after Terawih! Moreh gitu!


Selamat Berpuasa to All Muslims All Over The World (including the one in that little island down there... =P)


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Danial, Wow! She's gorgeous! Boleh introduce?
Promise saya ta'lepas handbrake, ha ha ha.
Love the pics.
Telah berlabur tirai Syaaban menjelma pula Ramadhan.
Saya ucapkan moga berjaya menunaikan puasa dengan Jayanya.
My best regards.

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha boleh, i already did in my post haha. too bad shes taken and will be someone's bride sometime next year. hahaha

terima kasih Uncle Lee, diharapkan begitu juga. =)

thanks once again.


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