Friday, July 29, 2011

Godek-godek Gambar Lama

Only few people know that I deleted this blog some time in 2008, and started it again at first as a photoblog. Come to think of it, I don't really know why did I do what I did then.

Anyway, even though the old blog was gone, I still have the old pictures posted on that old blog. So yesterday, I browsed through the pictures and found this, among other interesting pictures from Melbourne.

Bought this at Laguna, one of many Asian grocery store in Melbourne city.
This, sir, is how you can have a stable supply of durian. It would be kinda hard to get the whole fruit and even if there are durians, as in the real ones, they would still be frozen. This pack I bought was really good, worth the money. I can't really remember how much was it though.

Then again, I have yet to buy durian for myself ever since I moved here. At least I got to eat durians thanks to the boss.


ps: It's okay, it's alright, fight fight! (though something should be done about the cb, defence)

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