Monday, July 25, 2011

Dan Sebenarnya..

Yang sebenarnya, the truth is, semalam tu first time aku masuk dalam PWTC. All my life cuma masuk dalam The Mall yang terletak bersebelahan je, tak pernah aku jejak kaki kat dalam bangunan tu. hohohoho

So yesterday me and my colleagues (did I tell you guys that I am the only male staff in the company? Dr.Tan is not a staff of Ligno Biotech, advisor je...) went to PWTC to check out the Food Processing and Packaging Expo. And I also knew beforehand that there was PC Expo at PWTC too! hohohoho.....

So, after registration as a visitor (which kinda sucks because I didn't bring my business card hence my visitor pass was not laminated =P ) we all went in.

Mesing buak beg.
 Quite an eye opener to see all those machines making food packaging, plastic bags. Stail orang jakun, daghak gok ah.
Food tasting.
 The best part -makan!! Surely dah nama pon food processing and packaging takkan takde sample kot. So we tried the egg rolls. From far we could smell something nice, macam kuih raya gitu.
Ni macam nak buat kuih baulu...
 Well, we went there to see if we can find suppliers for our plastic bags and some other stuffs. But of course we could only survey. Window shopping gitu. =P
Apa kes puasa tak lagi dah buat kuih raya!!!

I lovee the sight of a dough!

So after 30 mins or so we left the place.....and didn't go straight home but dropped by at the PC Expo. And here's the story aku tak pueh hati! My colleagues already got their pay yesterday but not me!! Y___Y apakah aku curi tulang? TIDAK SESEKALI =P Anyway, dah dapat gaji tu, two of the girls terus sambar camera sorang sebijik (adik-adik yang pergi sekolah, penjodoh bilangan yang Abang Danial gunakan ini salah ye) But not bad la, the price was reasonable. And me..what did I buy? Biarlah rahsia...

And was pleasantly surprised to see cosplayers there. Apparently there was this contest where cosplayer that got the most pictures with the shoppers would win the contest. So berebut-rebutlah kawaii anime girl wannabe nak bergambar dengan aku. Sungguh tak ikhlas! Aku reject semua, and chose to be with the macho Zero aka Lelouch of Code Geass!!
Muka excited dapat jumpa Lelouch yang obviously tak beberapa popular. I don't think many people have watched the series.

Lelouch, son of the Great Brittania Emperor who went against his own people for they had forsaken him and his sister after his mother's death. Zero is his identity in the rebellion he leads, and he is equipped with a secret weapon called 'Geass' with the power to obey his command.
 and also the konoyaro Madara of Naruto series. Got two Madaras but the other one was short, tak real lah.
Madara trying to get me and my colleagues using his infamous Sharingan eyes. Obviously I was trying to fight him off by making that kind of constipated ace.

Now we are buddies!
There was Dante of Devil May Cry too but he was short as well, shorter than me so I got turned off to take pic with him. And Tifa of FF7 tapi urggghh..


Fathiah Jasni said...

so, tell me.. what did u buy? hahahaaa

Fathiah Jasni said...

so, tell me.. what did u buy? hahahaaa

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

=P nothing special just wireless keyboard and mouse. malas nak duduk dekat2 laptop and tak nak spoil the keyboard kalau main game hohoho


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