Saturday, July 30, 2011

Boring Saturday

For the first time in many weeks I just spend my time at home. I really want to go out but at the same time every cell in my body just, feels lazy. Though I still have to be proud of the things I did just now - cleaning up my room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The thought of cleaning up came after I read this article on RD that it is recommended for the bathroom to be cleaned everyday.

I found it hard to believe at first since I only clean it up like...once a month? WHAHAHAAHH! =P
But it makes total sense for the bathroom to be cleaned up everyday because there are lots of germs there and as time goes by they are just gonna keep on exponentially increasing. And I don't know about you guys but I find a sparkling, clean bathroom so nice to be in when you are taking shower, or when you are taking a dump. Seriously. I hate seeing the black spots on the wall, floor. Tak selera I you. Well, bathroom is not the kind of place that can get you all berselera anyway.

Apa kes letak gambar lunch aku lepas cakap pasal bilik air dan tandas???

Despite all these good jobs I did, I somehow was so careless as not to check my pants before I did my laundry just now. My USB thumb drive is all gone now Y____Y

So, anyone wants to gimme a new one?


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