Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adventurous Weekend 3

Dah masa ni la nak gi jalan-jalan jumpe member gi makan siang-siang, kekgi (nanti) bulan pose dok dang doh!
So, Saturday, went out on a date LOL jks to this MLM's sports day. My friend Hussen asked me to join I thought why not (i was hoping for freebies LOL) so I went to the...botanical garden? Somewhere near/in Taman Bukit Jalil.
Never knew such place existed.
 As I was getting near to all the crowd I got a bit you know, nervous LOL because I was just wearing plain t-shirt and all these people wearing red shirts, orange, blue, green with the company's name on the shirts. Psyched! Thank you Hussen for getting me one red shirt so that made me a member of the red team for the day. (hence the first freebie...perhaps the only one I got from the sport's day =P)

Ambik ko...orang berduyun-duyun...
 I spent most of the time eating and just watching supporting the red team. The ABC and nasi lemak were okay I guess. I was kinda hungry.
Red Team!

yang banyak 10 tu pasukan merah la. hebak =P

Tug of war. They should have got my man Hussen in the team =P

 I left before the event wrapped up as I had another reunion to attend somewhere at a rugby field in PJ...
Pretty sure these are the eucalyptus also known as gum tree. I thought these trees only grow in Australia. Koalas feed on the leaves of eucalyptus.
So me and my Americano friend Fawwaz went to Padang Astaka behind Armada Hotel, PJ to watch and of course support Sesma Old Boys. Their opponent that evening was Ansara (MRSM's ex students). It was pretty funny that I didn't see my friend was behind my car as I talked to him on the phone asking where was he. Not long after that, more came - John, Fattah and Jerul.

Me, Fawwaz, Azzuan and Jong@John.

The match ended with SESMA OB won 17-5? I don't remember. Met few seniors and many juniors though I don't really remember their names, some I remember the faces. Same goes with the seniors, they don't change that much in their looks, just that I can't seem to recall their names. All of them are doing well in life now. I guess everyone was just having fun and fooling around back in high school.
Nok lawang SESMA Old Boys memang silap besor aah!
 Then we went to this bistro for dinner and to watch Malaysia vs Singapore. When we reached there it was already 2-1!! And no thanks Astro for all the service interruption. We missed Malaysia's 2nd and 3rd goal because of that.
Mafia Amerika menikmati 100plus.
Muke hepi walaupun Malaysia kaloh 3-5. Hilang suara duk tepik kuat ngak! Dari kiri Fattah, abang hensem, John, Jerul, Fawwaz, Azzuan. Gambar-gambar kredit kepada Azzuan dan girlfriendnya yang tolong ambikkan huahuahua!
 The next reunion - majlis berbuka puasa! Dekat mane tak tau lagi...


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