Sunday, July 17, 2011

Adventurous Weekend 2

Not that adventurous la, just that no thanks to the GPS I got into that place, this place. Sometimes I wonder why is it that every time I decide to give the GPS a chance to prove itself (or herself LOL) it will just screw it up? Never listen to Eminem's Lose Yourself is it??

So yesterday I went out to pick my man Ermie at Shah Alam because we had planned for this makang besor since last week at William's! Yeah, I've heard about it lots of time. The first time I heard of the place, Mr. President Kai and Yihorng asked me to join them but since I stayed in Bangi at the time and didn't have my own transport, regrettably I had to decline their kind offer. So I thought this time around I would be able to pop the William's cherry (sounds so wrong LOL). And to prepare myself (or rather my stomach) for the big makang, I didn't even have a single decent and proper meal yesterday. Only drank water. Hardcore man!

The hardcore boys
Kat Federal Highway, tak sah kalau tak jam. Tapi kali ni bukan sebab kereta banyak nak masuk Bangsar ke Sunway ke, tapi accident. Kesiang plok... Better be safe than sorry huh?
 So, lepas 1 jam 20 minit aku bawak kereta,baru sampai rumah member baik aku dari kecik, dari Kerteh. Yeah,1 hour and 20 mins from Balakong Jaya to Shah Alam, like whattttt?!?!? (I was really this close, thissss closee to throw the GPS out of the car) Thank God my man Ermie knows the way to William's. So we made it there in one piece..only to find out that there were no seats available!! And there were still other people waiting for empty table as well! Because both of us were so hungry we decided to go to Murni. The only problem was, none of us knew where on earth it is. So, spent another 30 minutes asking friends for the direction. And finally, there we were, at Murni Suria. (because it is located near a condo named Suria? Ke sebab ape??)

I already had my eyes set on this nasi goreng chicken chop. Was hoping that they serve baked rice and such but too bad. I haven't come across any eatery that serves baked rice.
 And Ermie ordered Spaghetti bolognaise or something (I always have trouble spelling that out). I really love the drinks, what's with the deadly name, Poison? LOL Anyway, I managed to finish it all and according to Ermie, the portions served at William's are much bigger than at Murni. So that's why I could finish my nasi goreng chicken chop. Well, William's, maybe next time.

And because the portion served is not as big as William's it is a bit cheaper too.
Another freaking jam?? At 1 am??

Oh, datuk tengah buat roadbloack ke...
 ~ala ala Datuk, ala ala Datuk tok tok, jangan saman~ tolong lah~
Anyone remember the song?


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