Monday, June 13, 2011


So finally I'm here blogging about my recent Singapore trip, almost a month ago. Woah...procrastination at its most ultimate-stt level!

I didn't go all alone, I went with my ex-colleague, who was also my senior at work. So it was all good. But I went back to Balakong Jaya alone. It was all good, no worries. Aaaaa...where should I start... hmmm

Can I just let the pics do most of the blogging? Hahaha, not all, just most. =P

Day 1

After meeting up with the gf and her parents at Larkin

Was not ready for a pic, I was slouching!!

So we went to Marina Bay. 

Camwhore #1

Camwhore #2

Camwhore #3

Walking towards Marina Bay that the name? 

I wanna go up there and take a dip in the swimming pool!

So that uniquely weird looking structure is the Science Museum...I think?

GF's camwhore. This is only one of many she asked me to take that day. Tsk tsk..shame shame.  XP

Camwhore #4. Too bad can't really see the skyscrapers at the back.

Dinner at Swensen's! I think there is Swensen's in Malaysia too..?

Was craving for baked rice. I never came across baked rice in any Western food stall 's menu back in Malaysia. Here in Singapore you can get it even in the foodcourt. If I own an eatery I will definitely serve Baked Rice.  Nice stuff...for those who like cheese melted in oven. 

Day 2

Headed to Sakura at Clementi for lunch. As usual, the buffet here is super good considering the choices of food available. - Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Western. Would have been better if they served baked rice hahaha =P

The gf always seems to have big appetite saying she wants to eat that, this but  ends up eating not much because she's a slow eater and gets full easily. Then again, that is better than a fast eater like me who always got scolded by Mak =____=

I wish I could have stayed longer there LOL but we had to move on to our next destiasyon~ =P

Tapi sempat lagi tangkap gambaq! =P

The gf and her lame pose... 

TADAAA!! No, Wina didn't give birth to this lovely baby girl. Meet Fareesha!

Because I haven't had a baby in my arms for ages I did not take the chance to dukung her. Maybe when she gets a little bit bigger LOL

Gambar hiasan ye. Please do not speculate anything hahaha 

Mak Nat got more guts than me to carry the baby  =___="

Mak Wina and Mak unglam la their names HAHAHA XP  jangan marah nanti kena jual

Finally, meet the parents! Aiyah (ayah) and Eeboo (ibu) of Fareesha. Fareed lost some weight. Waa..having a kid can be a taxing task eh?

Meet another baby, the gf's niece, just 8 months old.


Had dinner at Lau Pa Sat. Apparently this place is the only one of its kind in Singapore, even pasar malam stalls are not allowed to be set up on the road. And Lau Pa Sat means "old market"/"old port"? Correct me here someone.

Tenang sebelum ribut melanda...HAHAHAH =P

The only place where food stalls are set up on the road, in the middle of the modern city of Singapore.

Day 3

She's really good in making cards and stuffs like this.

Nothing much, just bought marshmallows from Facebook. =P I did give her a card too but not gonna show it here. I shy HAHAHHAH

You don't want to take my picture if you can't stand my vanity. =P

Pose, pose =P


So, we had picnic. And I really enjoyed it that day! XD THanks bii!

Many schoolkids at the park that day we had to compete for best and shady spot. Pretty hot day and I wore something so smart...should have put on my selipar...

There's still a kid in her. =P

Let's go back, to the Mall!

I tried the ice cream that turned jelly-ish when it melts. LOL

At the mall near her house. A new mall called Nex. I love it how public libraries are always located in the mall or somewhere near the mall. We went to the library as well; she was looking for books about Dr.M and Lee Kuan I got myself Lat's comic books =___="


Before I left Singapore. She gave me choki-choki as a bekal LOL so cute. 

And she made this! How cool is that, almost the same like the real movie's poster =P

Driving to Singapore wasn't that hard. If you are planning to drive in Singapore with your Malaysian registered cars (or vans) bring your insurance policy paper, and road tax registration disc. And much was it..10 bucks? Hmm I will get back on this. And after all that done, you will get your very own Autopass, something like Touch N' Go. But to drive in the city area you need to have something like Smart Tag, in Singapore it's called IU. Well, I didn't drive much, because using public transportation there is much easier and convenient. I just parked my car outside of the gf's house haha and every day commuted from the backpackers to her house.

But yeah, I was a bit scared to drive in Singapore because I didn't want to end up being fined if I committed any traffic violation without knowing. You know how people say that Singapore is a fine city. =P



JaJa'Z said...

bleh dah tu hantar2 rombongan meminang.... :p

she look more sweet now..with the hijab.. :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha.kalau nak meminang kos dia tinggi tak? HAHAHAH

kak ja jangan puji lebih2, kang kembang dia =P

JaJa'Z said...

tinggi ke tak? depend la...demand tinggi, tinggi la jadinya..hehheheh..dia kembang pun takpe...kuruih sangat2.. ngeeee :p

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

huish kak, sensitif tu kurus. hahaha

JaJa'Z said...

gemuk lagi sensitif

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

dia nak berisi sikit. tak suka kurus2 katanya. hahaha. jeles saya orang kurus..

JaJa'Z said...

kalau berisi sket ok kot..tak la sampai nak bagi gemuk..just berisi2 nice la..heheh..akak jeles gak..hahahha

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha mari kita sama2 jeles!


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