Thursday, June 23, 2011

So, What's To Love In Balakong Jaya?

To be honest, nothing. Hahaha, but it has become a place I'm familiar with. Almost 9 months living here. Anyway, I'm gonna answer the questions asked by Guest on my shoutbox. Woot~

There is a RapidKL bus to Ligno Biotech. If you look at the map below, there is a T-Junction (which is no longer a T-Junction because a two-ways road has been built headed to the industrial park) where the bus always stops. The bus number is T417 and you can board it from KTM Serdang which is nearer to Ligno Biotech and also LRT Sungai Besi (which is a bit further). 
'A' is Ligno Biotech. There is only one way to reach there which is via the T-Junction. If you turn right you will be going to the shoplots and also Taman Perindustrian Balakong Jaya 1.

So, this is Seri Jati Apartment.

And Taman...I don't know what's the name of this housing area. It's just located opposite Seri Jati Apartment.
The front shoplots. Got market, groceries, MyMydin, Kelantanese restaurant, car workshops.

Now, veges, seafoods, meats, poultry are available at MyMydin! No need to go to The Mines or Jusco anymore =P

The second shoplot. Got Mamak's, Chinese restaurant, chinese vegetarian restaurant, car workshops and car wash.

Got market also but I don't really buy things there. Bought bananas once. =P
I was lucky (and am so grateful) to find a place very near to my workplace. Everyday I walk. That's why I can afford a car LOL

Usually for lunch, sometimes we 'tapau' before we go to work, sometimes we go out lunch together, sometimes we 'tapau' for our colleagues which what my boss always does. And today, we sort of celebrated one of the practical student's birthday. So, I'm pretty stuffed at the moment.

But if you don't possess your own transport, getting to Balakong Jaya by public transport can be very challenging especially if there is only bus service from your place and no LRT or KTM. Finding a place to live here might be a better option.

Anyway, to 'Guest', I hope this has answered all your questions. Can leave comment here if you want to ask some more questions. =)


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