Thursday, June 9, 2011

School Holidayyyyy

I don't think I have a reason to be so excited now that it's school holiday because - I'm not in school anymore. Whether it's holiday or not, I still have to go to work unless I call in sick or already applied leave weeks earlier.

But at least I got something to look forward to tomorrow. Yeah, I'm going to Kota Tinggi!! I'm excited because it's my dear Kak On's wedding this Saturday the 11th. And also because I've never been to Kota Tinggi and from what my Mak Tam told me, the place is so nice and there are many beautiful places, beaches to go, see. I love beach y'all!! XD

Thanks to Pam for this picture! Taken at Lorne. I just love the beach, town. I wanna go there again!

Some beach in Singapore =P

Winter 2007 in Perth. What's the beach's name again..ahhh!

Oh...I haven't blogged about my trip to Singapore last May. Wooppss! =P



elfyanuar said...

dri blog ke blog..teman jelajah..niat di hati tuk me+ kenalan...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

terima kasih ya =)


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