Friday, June 3, 2011

In His Face?

But the maestro felt nothing. According to Yahoo!News he said he didn't feel a thing and only realised that he was punched afterwards. Funny stuff. I wonder what's up with the school kid? Maybe he made a bet with his friends that he could punch Messi? Hahahaha. THen again, you would expect someone who has brilliant response like Messi to be able to dodge the punch.

Nanja sora? Credit to The Star Online

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So, I woke up early today. Looking forward to the weekend~just gonna rest at home. And clean up the unwanted stuffs. My housemate freaked out I guess because he asked me not to throw all the old stuffs for fear the previous tenants and my other housemate might look for it again in the future. Hahaha, my brother who has been here since Sunday, did all the clean up and he didn't throw out any junks.

Fair enough if the stuffs belong to my other housemate whom I've met twice only. But the previous tenants? Come on man, if it were me, I wouldn't leave my belongings for so long in my previous rented house. I don't understand how most guys (Malay guys especially, perhaps?) can live with all the dust, spider webs in the house. Clogged bathroom, with very dirty sink. Now the state of this house has become better. Thanks to my bro, he even cleaned the shoes left by the previous tenants. I guess my housemate thought a lot of things have been thrown out when the only thing that has been thrown out is the dust, spider webs. Seriously man, don't talk about having a big, luxurious house if you can't even keep this small flat clean.

Oh..if you can own a big bungalow, surely you can afford a maid eh? =P


JaJa'Z said...

susah kot nak cari housemate yang betul2 pandai jaga kebersihan umah esp man la kot...ada jenis yang tak kisah langsung umah bersepah2..pinggan cawaan tak berbasuh..baju merata2...emm..mujur la abg zack tak gitu..

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

haha, saya rasa perempuan kebanyakannya pembersih. housemate saya ni ok je, bilik dia bersih kemas, tapi kat luar ni kurenng sikit aa dulu.

haa, hargailah Kekanda Zack anda. HAHAHAH


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