Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hot Day Cold Night

Was supposed going to Cameron Highland this morning with my boss and colleagues, also the practical students. But I have been having this headache since I woke up from my afternoon nap,so I bailed out. I feel a bit bad now hahahaha. Must be the weather and lack of water that got me the headache. It's been so hot though at night it has always been so comfortable to sleep in.

Everyday has been so hot that the Sticky candies I got from the girlfriend almost 2 years ago LOL melted. Got no choice but to throw into the bin.
So, yesterday I thought of going to the other side of Balakong Jaya which is in the direction of Taman Perindustrian Balakong Jaya 1. I didn't know there are many housing areas further in. I thought only factories. I thought of just checking out the place where this relative of mine live, Bandar Puncak Utama. But it is too far in, so I turned back because my steamed rice was waiting for me... =p

Still on going..but nice house..I wonder how much..

Already got people living in this neighbourhood.

I need to drink lots of water. You guys should too! Take care of your health okay. =)



Zullism said...

uiks kalau gfriend baca mesti sentap neh ...ko buang gula2 dia bagi tu danial :)

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

hahaha gula2 tu dah dekat setahun dah. gula2 lain dah habih, tinggal hat tu ja, sebab sayang nak makan. alih2 cair camtu.. =___=
hehe tak marah la. =P


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