Saturday, June 18, 2011

Food Trash Talk

Salam~ and peace be to y'all!
I used to start my blog with that tagline long time ago, back when I blogged at Friendster's blog. Heh.

Happy Saturday people. And tomorrow is Father's Day. To be honest, on Mother's and Father's Days  I only wish my parents, and I don't usually do any extra special thing. I prefer birthdays y'all~ I don't really have any particular reason why I don't go the extra mile for my parents on those days so it's not like I hate Father's and Mother's Days.


Read The Star online some time ago about Malaysians discarding almost 30 tonnes of food everyday and somehow I wasn't that shocked nor did I  *GASP 30 tonnes?* because I've seen it, we all have witnessed this, and some (or perhaps most of us?) do that. I mean, every time I go to Mamak, fastfoods, any restaurants or foodcourts, never have I seen people leaving their tables with empty plates. There is bound to be some food left. Now I can still understand if there is only few grains or the chicken skins that people just can't or don't eat. But a piece of fried chicken still pretty much untouched and quite amount of rice? According to the article I read, people usually take a lot of foods especially at the buffet because they do not want to get up again and help themselves with second serving so they just pile up the foods on their plates.

Woahhh! It sounds as if those people are confident enough that they will want a second helping, but guess what? They ended up not finishing it. I know you pay for your food and it is none of my business but if you look at it carefully, aren't you the one complaining 

"Apa ni harga barang makin naik???"
"Minyak naik lagi, konoyaro"

etc etc etc. Yet, after all the complaints that things are not doing well economically, people can still afford to not finish the meal that they pay, which should be quite expensive, with their hard earned money. Funny how many people are doing things the opposite of what they say.

And this not only applied to dining outside, but also those who buy foods like veges, meats, fishes etc. and keep it home. Planning the meals for the day or week may help in avoiding those foods to go spoiled if kept too long (vegetables and fruits especially). 

I'm not saying I'm perfect but at least I finish all the meals I pick at mamaks and restaurants and buffets. Oh, also when I go out with my family, I'm the one who always has to clear up the table. So, who's to blame for my big fat body ha?? =P jks! 
I did the poll on The Star Online. See, 90% agree with the statement made.
Check out the poll y'all. Oh, my bad it's not 30 tonnes of food but 930 tonnes. 

WHAT?!?! 930 tonnes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



I want to watch YouTube to run away from this stupid reality..


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