Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bola Bakul or Bola Raga? =P

Raf and Fawwaz. Long time no see. 

Since I have my own transport, I've started playing basketball again. I often play at Cyberjaya, there is this basketball court in the middle of food courts, restaurants, bistros. I don't know what's the name of that place but among my basketballer friends, we just call it 'Padi' because there is a restaurant next to the basketball court, named Padi. Or Padi-something.

Anyway, since my long lost friend Fawwaz is back for good from the States, I thought it would be a good idea of asking him along. Though he didn't join us and just sat by the court, still jetlag. 

Hmm, now that I got some moolah, I can start playing basketball again though maybe this time I will try looking for a nearer place, somewhere in Balakong. Anyone knows?


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