Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aku Nak Makan Fish 'N Chips

The ending should have been better but I guess the fighting scenes throughout the movie have compensated for that. Though I must say the first time I saw the trailer I thought, why, this fighting style looks similar. Is it Wing-Chun? HAHAHAHAHAHHA

But I enjoyed it. As long as I enjoy a movie, then it's great. I never look into the development of the characters or the story plots - too specific plus I'm just a layman.

Few lines I remember from the movie - "Aku nak makan fish n chips", "Abang tak abang, sape kacau pecah!" by Jai. Sounds funny but it did leave me pondering, wondering. How low someone willing to go to just for money. But I gotta say, this movie has lots of catchy lines really. Hahaha and good job Zizan in making the movie less serious and bloody. Eh, maybe not the bloody part. Abang Long Fadhil kena rodok maaa!

Abang besar baru habis cuti panjang. Source: Facebook KL Gangster

Anyway, I wouldn't mind watching the movie again in the cinema. I just love the fighting scenes and all. Oh, and I am looking forward to Shaheizy Sam's upcoming action movie. Looks like got a bit of parkour and definitely tomoi? With the way things are looking, the local film industry is gonna have a bright future.

ps: please, not KL Gangster The Series. Spin-off from a movie doesn't seem to be appealing to me. Take Terminators for example. Well, this is just my dua seng (two cents) =P


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