Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Maybe Mother's Day Special Should Be The Last To Come?

Pretty sure those who love blogging will find themselves in this spot - having torrents of ideas, things to blog but came the time to type it out - none did. To me it would be a bit difficult to blog about something that I wanted to long time ago so I usually start blogging again, about the new, recent ideas, interesting events or stuffs that took place.

So, let's cut to the chase, talk about what happened lately. Oh before that, you guys heard about the E.coli outbreak in Europe? Scary man, but it's really upsetting people pointing fingers because I really think at this stage, any possible measure to get the situation under control should be taken. Also to point out the point of origin of the outbreak, possible sources. This reminds me of Vantage Point and one microbiology laboratory session I had last time where we had to trace back where did the epidemic originate from.

Oh okay. So today, I bid farewell to my two seniors in Ligno Biotech. Both have other commitments they need to attend to. The thing is all of us had been informed about it 2 months in advance but when the day came, it only started to sink in - the fact that they are not gonna be in the lab or in the office greeting you the first thing in the morning. To both K.Lin and Johnson, thanks a lot for all your help, guidance, really really appreciate it. I wish both of you good luck and all the best in your future careers and may everything work out well for you guys.


ps: the pics of me in the website are old ones. I'm much slimmer now (in denial)


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