Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If You're Happy Then You Know It

No thanks to all the worrying stuffs going on in my life. But hey that's what I call living. No problems in life equals to not living life at all. Well, to me at least. 

Anyway, what's for dinner guys? Imma start my first entry of the month with the pictures of my dinner just now. Nothing grandiose or luxury or mouthwatering, just this~

Preparing black pepper sauce

Phone camera getting dodgy-er. *hint hint*
So I had chicken in black pepper sauce for dinner today. Well, was craving for one especially the one made by the gf last time when we were in Gippsland. Ah~good old days.

At the moment I am craving my mom's vegetable soup. I don't know, my version of vege soup is not the same as my mom's so I guess I will give her a call tomorrow after work. 

Work? Oh don't talk about it. Hahaha it's all good but not always but like I've said it's all good. Oh, and my boss is posting up another job ads - one as a Production Executive and another as a Production Technician. Do email your resume to my boss Ms. Ng if you're interested in applying for any of this job. I'm not sure if you can apply for two positions at the same time or not. =P

I wish everyone reading this blog post a good day tomorrow, a happy life and to be more positive of what life has to offer you. =D


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