Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not Far-Nie~

I am pretty much a gullible person, if I get to know about something from my close friends, families or big,established brands. So last night, as I was checking my email, I saw at the top right corner, "NEW GMAIL MOTION" and I was like Woahhh...sounds cool alright.

I clicked it, and I was directed to a new page, where from the look of it, GMail had developed a new way of email-ing. Instead of using mouse and keyboard, you could just use your hand and body gesture to read email. I thought that was quite cool. But when I watched the video, something was just not right....

So, I clicked the "Try Gmail Motion" and this appeared....

I really didn't see this coming... 0___0
I guess this is my 3rd time being fooled by big brands on the net...



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