Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kera Sumbang...Bukan! =P

I kinda like the place I'm living at the moment. Sure, whenever people ask me 

"Kerja mana?"
"Rumah kat mana?"
"So, where do you work now? You're staying with your friends aa?"

I answer with

BALAKONG JAYA, near UPM and Minlon. Near The Mines. Serdang Lama. KTM Serdang.

Macam-macam la jawapan.

First impression I had when I came to this place - Woah!!..scary... but luckily my neighbourhood, or should I say my flat area has many families, and I'm pretty sure all of the residents are Malaysians and no foreign workers. Not that I'm being prejudice towards the foreign workers but place where there are many foreign workers living in tend to be...not suitable to for living if you ask me.

My flat area is known as Pangsapuri Seri Jati. It feels like I'm back in kampung. Every morning when I walk to my workplace (yes, it is that near!) I would bump into the Uncle hanging his laundry on the fence, and exchange greetings. Sometimes we talk. Well, you know the small talk about weather, cars, motors. 

And if I go back home during lunch break, run into the same school kids waiting for their buses to pick them up. Well, kids are kinda scared of me so I don't know them well hahaha.=P What about after work? Hmm, usually it's always this Abang abang hanging out at the playground watching over their kids. The chairman of the flat committee is usually there too. So, he always takes this chance to inform me on any upcoming event. Like this one he told me some 2 weeks ago - 

Gotong royong Perdana???
 So, attend I did the gotong royong. Was a great activity - breakfast and lunch provided. What's more, I got to meet with other neighbours whom I had never seen before. But there was not much to talk about with older neighbours since I'm still a young, unmarried guy. Hahaha. Surprisingly got lots of Kelantanese here. Who said Kelantanese prefer to be in Kelantan? LOL
Breakfast! Bihun ada, pulut kuning ada, keropok goreng ada!

Left: Abang Ali the chairman, and Datuk from Kajang City Council.

Clearing up the bush.
So, yeah, it was alright. Not that tiring. I was tired mainly because of the basketballsss from the previous day. Oh, and right after the gotong royong, I went up my house and got ready to meet up with my cousins at Midvalley. Hop was a great, funny movie! I recommend it. ;)

So, that's all. Bah..lunch time is over.


nubab said...

semangat kejiranan yang bagus!!hahaha
tgok wayg dgan sape bro?

JaJa'Z said...

tu yg bagusnya..apa2 xtvt yg diaorang buat Danial joint jek..biar kita ni nampak bermasyarakat..lama2 ramai yg kita kenal kat situ...hidup pun tak la rasa bosan jek...

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

dib, tengok wayang dengan yan n dekwa. tiga orang je. haha

kak ja, benar tu. kalau hidup tak bercampur, rasa boleh jadi gila macam Will Smith dalam I Am Legend. duk sorang2..kesian...

Headmaster said...

perghh bekerjaya sudah member aku sorang ni.hak3!!all the best

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

ah terima kasih mr. adib akmal. hehehe =)


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