Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't Cry For Me Oh Kancil~

So, my dad decided to come to my place last night as he got himself a day off from work today. He took the night Plusliner bus to Pekeliling last night, and reached KL around 4 am. Luckily he got some acquaintance that he knows on the bus so they hung out at the mamak's. I drove out in the dark, feeling rather excited than scared because it felt like I was travelling for vacation, early morning. =P And it pretty much reminded me of the late night drives with Dicky and Co. last time in Gippsland. Hahaha

After dropping off my dad's friends at KL Sentral around 5.30am, my dad took over the wheels, wanted to see how good is the new car. He was pretty much impressed and asked me to take good care of the car, also  commented on my driving skills...hahahaha =___=" paiseh!

So, just now at work, around 10.20am or so, my dad called me to let me know he was about to leave for Kerteh with the Kancil. He picked me up at work and returned me my house key and car key as well. Drive safely Abah. And bye bye Kancil, till we meet again...

My dad driving the Kancil back home. He should be somewhere in Genting Sempah by now. weekend perhaps? =P


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